PaperNuts signs long term supply agreement with North American company

Thursday, Apr 30, 2015

PaperNuts Corporation, a subsidiary of Axiom, has entered into a strategic long-term supply agreement with a North American provider of sustainable paper and packaging products that claims to use 100% recycled material for its products.

While PaperNuts did not reveal the name of the privately-owned supply partner, it said in a statement, the company operates several large scale paper mills for customers across North America.

The current supply agreement is for one year which will automatically be renewed for successive one year periods.

Once the deal is finalised, the confidential company will become PaperNuts' primary supplier of lightweight continuous-roll Kraft paper for its on-demand high speed PaperNuts packaging solutions.

PaperNuts said in a statement that these products meet the highest environmental standards earning FSC, SFI, and PEFC certifications.

PaperNuts CEO Tyler Pearson said: "The superior papermaking assets of our new supply partner's mill network will provide PaperNuts and all of its customers with a reliable long-term paper supply source across North America.

"Their dedication to products that meet the industry's highest environmental standards make them a natural fit for PaperNuts and our mission to provide the packaging industry with a sustainable alternative to environmentally harmful packaging solutions like polystyrene peanuts and other plastic-based protective packaging products."

PaperNuts owns technology and intellectual property, originally developed in Finland, which is considered as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional protective packaging options.

PaperNuts' loose-fill packaging solution competes directly with polystyrene foam plastic peanut fillers, bubble wrap, air pillows, crumpled paper, foam-in-place, and corn starch peanut products.

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