Perrigo to use Digimarc Barcode technology for retail products

Friday, Jan 08, 2016

Digimarc has collaborated with over-the-counter pharmaceutical products firm Perrigo to provide Digimarc Barcode services to its retail customers.

As part of the partnership, Perrigo will use Digimarc's Barcode service to provide enhanced consumer information and point-of-sale efficiency.

Consumers will be able to get product information by pointing a smartphone camera at a Digimarc Barcode-enabled package. Replicated across the entire surface of the packaging, Digimarc Barcode is claimed to provide faster and easier checkout at point of sale, improving operational efficiencies for retailers.

The embedded barcodes does not infringe upon existing designs and provide easier inventory management.

Though the Digimarc Barcode is subtle, barely perceptible to the human eye, it behaves exactly like a traditional Universal Product Code (UPC) symbol when scanned by a Digimarc-enabled POS scanner.

Perrigo US consumer healthcare executive vice president Jeff Needham said: "We want to provide our customers with the latest technology advancements that can assist in growing their own label business.

"Consumers want more information about health-related products, and our retailers are continually looking for ways to deliver that information while improving their own operational efficiency. The Digimarc Barcode is an ideal way to provide additional retailer and consumer benefits without cluttering product design."

The smart labels will also provide consumers with access to retailers' e-commerce pages without much efforts, the company said.

Digimarc CEO Bruce Davis said: "Easy and effective communication of information about products is also becoming increasingly important in their field. We look forward to closely partnering with them in this very important and challenging area of consumer product marketing."

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