Qualvis switch to 100% low migration inks

Thursday, Jan 14, 2016

Leicester based print and packaging company, Qualvis, has fully switched to the use of 100% low migration food safe inks in their production process.

The conversion, which went live on 1 Jan 16, took 6 months to complete and involved 1800 spot colours, all coatings, varnishes and metallic inks.

The issue of ink migration has been debated in trade media and within organisations for a number of years. The main driver for the move was to comply with the EU standard EC1935/2004 and minimise the customer's risk of ink migration.

Richard Pacey, Qualvis' technical director, said: "We have always had one press dedicated to low migration inks and a separate low migration ink mixing kitchen. To be pro-active, fully compliant with legislation and give protection to all of the brands that we deal with, we have made the decision to fully switch to the use of low migration inks throughout our production process."

Download our full Low Migration Ink presentation here.

Qualvis Print and Packaging is a 100% family owned print and packaging company, producing high quality cartons and sleeves across a range of industries including food, cosmetic, multimedia, horticulture and DIY/household industries.

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