Schreiner MediPharm enhances Flexi-Cap for oncological applications

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2016

Schreiner MediPharm has enhanced its Flexi-Cap with newly-designed additional cap that is claimed to protect the bottom of bottles or vials against glass breakage and surface contamination.

The existing upper cap that covers the closure and the newly added cap to protect the bottom and lower part are attached to the container using a label, which can optionally be provided with an integrated foam layer to provide further protection against lateral impact, the company said.

The two caps and label combination solution Flexi-Cap Protect can be used for packaging oncological medicines with high potential to combat cancer cells. This solution is applied to containers without using heat to prevent damage to medicine's properties.

Schreiner MediPharm president Ann L. Merchant said: "The different functions of the newly developed special solution Flexi-Cap Protect ensure the protection of users against the severe consequences of possible contamination and simultaneously guarantee the integrity of primary packaging."

The upper cap provides room for warning notices, codes for track & trace systems or integrating NFC inlays for interactive applications.

Schreiner enhanced the solution as contamination of primary packaging cannot be completely avoided in spite of employing sophisticated filling and packaging processes in the production of pharmaceuticals.

The company will showcase Flexi-Cap Protect at Pharmapack Europe in Paris from 10 February to 11 February this year.

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