TIPA and CNG Team Up to Bolster the US Compostable Packaging Market

14 September 2023

TIPA, a renowned global leader in compostable packaging solutions catering to the food and fashion industries, has joined forces with Charter Next Generation (CNG), a prominent US specialty film manufacturer. Together, they unveiled an exciting partnership aimed at advancing local production and adoption of compostable packaging in the United States. In addition to this collaborative effort that extends TIPA's reach in the US, the company has introduced a new compostable film exclusively designed for North America. CNG will take on the production of TIPA's innovative specialty packaging films, catering to various markets, including food, consumer goods, healthcare, and more.

This development represents a significant milestone for US businesses actively seeking sustainable packaging alternatives to combat the menace of plastic pollution. By facilitating the domestic manufacturing of compostable packaging, this partnership also contributes to reducing the global carbon footprint by eliminating the traditional practice of shipping packaging materials from overseas.

Under this strategic partnership, Charter Next Generation (CNG), a key player in North America's high-performance film production sector, will manufacture two films derived from TIPA's proprietary compostable materials: the newly introduced TIPACLEAR 301 and TIPACLEAR 319. These highly transparent, home compostable films find applications in food and consumer goods packaging, available in various thicknesses. Both films are exclusive to the North American market. With TIPA's innovative solutions integrated into its portfolio, CNG, headquartered in Chicago, aims to further penetrate the North American market for compostable films.

As brands and manufacturers face mounting demands for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to reduce society's reliance on traditional plastics, TIPA offers fully compostable alternatives that maintain the same functionality, including transparency and durability. However, at the end of their lifecycle, when placed in a compost bin, these materials break down and biodegrade into nutrient-rich soil within a matter of months. Furthermore, TIPA's packaging seamlessly integrates with the existing machinery across the entire packaging production supply chain.

Michael Hanratty, Acting GM & Strategic Business Development, North America, at TIPA, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to count CNG as our partner, expanding the commercial availability of compostable packaging options in North America." He emphasized the partnership's significance in helping businesses actively contribute to reducing their dependence on conventional flexible plastics and adapt swiftly to evolving policies related to packaging waste management, all for the betterment of the planet.

Apurva Shah, Director Of Strategic Partnerships at CNG, praised TIPA's expertise in compostable materials and highlighted the potent combination of TIPA's innovation with CNG's market position and reputation as a high-quality, dependable innovator in sustainable solutions. This collaboration is poised to make a significant impact on the North American market, offering sustainable packaging options that align with the growing environmental consciousness of businesses and consumers alike.