Trojanlabel presents new TrojanTwo digital label press at Label Expo in Chicago

Tuesday, Feb 03, 2015

Label Converter, IkonPrint, Impressed by the Quality. TrojanTwo is a state of the art digital roll-to-roll label printing system, capable of printing full color, high quality  labels  at  low  printing  costs.  The  press  is  built  around  a  Memjet  print  head  and  due  to  advanced technology developed by Trojanlabel, the print quality is taken to a very high level ensuring consistent print quality over long runs. This is one of the reasons why IkonPrint, a Danish label converter, was very excited when first seeing TrojanTwo in action. “I was really impressed with the quality of the print. Even when the color density in the print is high, the print is flawless and the colors are crisp. I wouldn’t expect this from a label press this size, and it is really fascinating to see how consistent the print is. I pretty quickly decided to buy the TrojanTwo” says Mr. Thomas Nielsen, the owner of IkonPrint. IkonPrint has previously had other Memjet based systems, but TrojanTwo is the first solution enabling them to print high resolution print in large runs with a consistent high quality.             
Etiquette Théophiles Saw Value for Money
Etiquette Théophiles, a label converter in France, was in the market for a digital label press and was looking towards more expensive  solutions  when  they came across  TrojanTwo.  “We  were  looking  for  high  quality printing and did not want to make any compromises in this regard. TrojanTwo fulfilled our expectations and was  furthermore  more  economic  than  other  solutions  we  had  been  looking  at.  The  1600  x  1600  dpi resolution print was the best we had seen - even at an 18 m/minute printing speed. There is no doubt that TrojanTwo  is  value  for  money”  says  Mr.  Régis  Théophiles,  owner  of  Etiquette  Théophiles.  Etiquette Théophiles expects to run their new digital label press 7 hours a day.             

Etipresse Makes Sensible Investment
TrojanTwo  is  relevant  to  label  converters who   want   to   start   exploiting   all   the advantages   of   digital   printing   without making  a  huge  investment,  but  also  label converters    who    already    have    more expensive digital solutions, such as Indigo or  Xeikon,  can  benefit  from  TrojanTwo and the possibility to print high quality at low  cost.  Mr.  Amarilio  Botas,  who  owns Etipresse  in  Portugal,  feels  that  Trojan-wo is the right investment for him due to a  number  of  things:  “The  development within digital printing takes place in a very rapid pace and today’s technology will be outdated  in  three  to  four  years.  As  a consequence we do not wish to invest too heavily     in     just     one     machine     and TrojanTwo  offers  really  high  print  quality at   a   reasonable   price.”   He   adds:   “A number of our label designs where printed on the TrojanTwo before we bought the system and all of them came out just as we wanted them to. That made it quite easy to make the decision.”  

Innovative Development Leads to High Quality Printing
Regarding the strong interest in TrojanTwo Mikkel Wichmann, CEO of Trojanlabel, says: “The demand for digital  labels  is  obviously  growing  rapidly,  but  the  market  has  not  been  within  reach  for  all  converters. TrojanTwo  makes  it  possible  for  the  Trojanlabel  customers  to  get  onboard without  incurring  huge  capital investment – something the market desperately needs.” As for why Memjet was chosen as the print head supplier for TrojanTwo, he says: ”We found a highly successful way to integrate the Memjet single head into our machine, eliminating the prior problems with consistent high quality printing related to the single head technology. As a result TrojanTwo delivers an extremely high print quality which is not only limited to short runs.

With  regards  to  the  selection  of  material  suited for   TrojanTwo,   he   says:   “We   see   a   rapid development    in    the    amount    of    different material of high quality being developed to suit the technology and the prices are continuing to fall. Many material suppliers therefore offer our customers high quality at low prices." He rounds of:   “Every   week   we   get   new   inquires   and practically   everyone   who   sees   TrojanTwo   in action  ends  up  buying  it.  We  are  really  excited  about  this  success  and  expect  at  least  125  TrojanTwo orders this year.” 



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