Western Concord Manufacturing partners with AVT Inspection System

Friday, Feb 06, 2015

Western Concord’s President & CEO, Peter Tyszewicz, was very pleased to announce the improvements and investment at Western Concord within the packaging industry. “Western Concord has a legacy spanning more than 30 years of being the best flexo printer on the West Coast. The Argus Turbo allows Western Concord to inspect 100% of print quality, and also accurately measure good impression counts, thereby improving the quality and consistency of our packaging for our customers and better serve our customers’ supply chain needs when it comes to packaging.”

James Davidson, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Development for Western Concord, said: “We are very excited about the value that this investment brings to our customers.  We can now integrate quality using digital systems that allow us to take jobs from prepress to print to converting operations while greatly improving our accuracy in other aspects, such as order quantities.  This investment enables us to greatly improve quality and consistency, reduce lead times, and increase overall service.”
AVT’s Argus Turbo features the latest in quality assurance and defect detection, including two advanced sensing technologies that afford 100% inspection of the web at highest-possible speeds while, in tandem, an area-based camera zooms in to inspect various locations of interest at high-resolution. This unique combination results in superior coverage and process control in parallel.

To guarantee consistent print quality, the system visually inspects all types of print defects, including color variations, mis-registration, streaks, splashes, misprints and more. Argus Turbo visually indicates the position and type of defect, enabling operators to quickly address problem areas and correct the relevant defect source. The system inspects all types of printed materials, including transparent flexible substrates, identifying random and process print problems before they result in waste and customer rejection.

“AVT is proud of its proven best-in-class print quality and inspection solutions for packaging applications offering complete end-to-end workflow solutions,” said Jaron Lotan, CEO of AVT.  “AVT’s Argus Turbo line of solutions provides the highest resolution detection at the highest production speed, and offers unsurpassed reliability and ease of use for wide-scale premium producers such as Western Concord.”




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