A B Graphic hails non-stop winder solutions a success

20 April 2022

Following an unprecedented number of installations since their launch in November 2020 across Europe and North America, A B Graphic International (ABG) has hailed the inclusion of their NSU/NSR range into their finishing solutions portfolio, a resounding success.

ABG’s NSU/NSR range is manufactured at their Spanish facility and can work with any printing or converting equipment, thereby providing increased flexibility and choice.

ABG’s winders are of particular interest to customers with medium to long runs, looking to increase productivity, improve product quality and control/reduce material waste. Their standard NSU system ensures the non-stop feed of web-type materials and can be used in conjunction with converting lines or label presses; and their NSR system provides continuous rewinding of a self-adhesive matrix produced with a label cutting and printing process.

The winder solutions have a range of applications and can be used with an existing press, with a press with sheeter, with an ABG Digicon or converter with sheeter or an ABG Vectra - the range of applications is endless.

“Prior to the inclusion of the NSU/NSR range into our finishing solutions portfolio, we saw that the market was increasingly demanding more efficiency and better output, so we set about meeting that requirement,” said Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director.

“Since launch, it’s great to see that customers are particularly happy with the service, installation and support that they are getting from ABG - consequently we’re seeing repeat orders. Our non stop one-stop-shop is very appealing to customers as they can come to ABG for their whole solution and our winder systems complement the complete range of ABG products, which helps increase overall flexibility.”

About A B Graphic
Established in 1954, ABG is a market leader in digital finishing equipment. The company has nearly 400 employees worldwide, with more than 200 employed in the UK. During the course of their 66 years of business, ABG has installed over 11,000 machines worldwide for 2,500 customers.

With each site being a centre for excellence for a specific range of products, ABG has manufacturing facilities in the UK, Germany and Spain. Sales and service offices are located in the UK, Germany, USA, France, Holland and Spain, and with a worldwide network of distribution partners, ABG is well placed to provide comprehensive support to businesses globally.

Constantly innovating and seeking opportunities to improve efficiencies and workflow for their customers, ABG’s acquisition of Girona-based Enprom Solutions, has added a wide range of flexible packaging products to their expanding portfolio.

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