ABG launches enhanced DigiLase 4.0

14 September 2021

Adapting to changing customer preferences, leading finishing equipment manufacturer, A B Graphic International (ABG) has launched the next evolution of its highly popular DigiLase 4.0 digital laser cutting machine. Following a record number of orders for this machine in 2020, the latest refinements include new individual piece options and faster speeds, which, when combined with its state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, make the DigiLase 4.0 unrivalled in guaranteeing consistent and accurate results.

The addition of individual piece options will be of interest to web-to-print businesses looking to provide their customers with enhanced marketing capabilities. The laser will cut the shape of each sticker, providing a cut from the face stock, through the substrate, to the liner. When the web is pulled away from the laser area, the stickers are drawn onto the conveyor system, and the waste is rewound. The stickers then go into a collating conveyor where they can be boxed in batches of the desired pre-set quantity.

With the new software designed by the ABG Digilase team allowing increased speed from its single laser head, the upgraded DigiLase 4.0 reduces lead times even further.

Combining the latest workflow technology with barcode scanning, which enables the automatic changeover of the jobs, the DigiLase 4.0 can now offer complete flexibility across a range of print-apply applications, including roll to roll, sheet and, most recently, individual piece options. The machine's modular design is fully compatible with ABG's DigiJet module for digital embellishment, meaning that it is possible to print and ship the same day alongside the DigiLase laser technology. This speed and flexibility guarantee a distinct competitive advantage. As an additional benefit, all software code and servicing are provided by ABG, with no third-party involved, making the manufacturer the direct source of contact for all queries.   

The launch of the new features for the DigiLase 4.0 represents a step-change in direct from web sticker and label production," said Floriana Montella, DigiLase product manager at ABG. "The inclusion of individual piece options and increased speed will provide web-to-print businesses with increased capabilities at a time when most are looking to upscale their output."

Given the current circumstances, if customers would prefer notto visit trade shows or showrooms to see ABG's DigiLase 4.0 in action, the companycan arrange customised remote demos using the customer's files and printed materials.

For further details, visit abgint.com or contact marketing@abgint.com.

About A B Graphic

Established in 1954, ABG is a market leader in digital finishing equipment. The company has nearly 400 employees worldwide, with more than 200 employed in the UK. During the course of their 66 years of business, ABG has installed over 11,000 machines worldwide for 2,500 customers.

With each site being a centre for excellence for a specific range of products, ABG has manufacturing facilities in the UK, Germany and Spain. Sales and service offices are located in the UK, Germany, USA, France, Holland and Spain, and with a worldwide network of distribution partners, ABG is well placed to provide comprehensive support to businesses globally.

Constantly innovating and seeking opportunities to improve efficiencies and workflow for their customers, ABG’s recent acquisition of Girona-based Enprom Solutions, has added a wide range of flexible packaging products to their expanding portfolio.

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