Aladdin Print, a Korean printing company, launched a creative business card, Spot UV for global customers

21 August 2019

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Aladdin Print, a well-established printing company with 20 years of history in creating business cards for global customers launched Spot UV. Spot UV is an added layer of gloss coating that brings out the most important elements in customers' design. The smooth, glossy coating makes text and visuals pop anywhere you like. The possibilities are endless with Spot UV as customers can create a patterned background, enhance their logos, watermark designs, company names, and more. Spot UV business cards create a unique look and feel.

Spot UV Business Cards by Aladdin Print

Not having a business card to hand out to customers', potential partners and clients means customers are missing out on opportunities. Although people live in an era where everything is digital and online, business cards remain in businesses as a tangible marketing tool. 

A well-made, creative business card can be a great conversation starter and make people look more professional. People indeed enjoy scrolling through their social media with their smartphones but people love touching and seeing the actual product as it helps to leave a lasting impression. Business cards are great marketing tools in today's society as it's portable, spreadable, and affordable. People's business cards are the face of their brands and represent the personality of their companies. To some people, it could be a first impression of the brand and also help to determine if the clients wish to work with them or not. 

Making a good first impression, especially in business is challenging, yet crucially important. Brand images doubtlessly make an impression and a variety of factors play a role in this. People's business cards can definitely create an impression of their business. Perhaps a business card itself doesn't make a sale but it surely helps to make a good impression of their business and that's all it matters. A positive impression can lead to sales. 

Knowing that brand image matters, having the right design that truly represents people's business is important. Choosing the right color, font, design, diverse finishings all play an integral role to make the business cards visually impressive. One of the most popular and effective finishing to take customers' business cards to the next level is Spot UV.

Customers can apply Spot UV to their desired area of the business cards, whether it's their logo or a specific design they want to bring to life. Spot UV is the most effective when used with the right design on dark backgrounds with high contrast colors. It helps to create a stronger visual impact. They also noted that it's not recommended to be applied on small texts or fonts as it might be too thin to be seen. 

Adding an eye-catching element like Spot UV can surely upgrade people's business cards and make a difference in the appearance of a boring business card. Spot UV finishing is loved by industries such as Marketing, Graphic Design, Print Shop, Real Estate, Health Clinics, and even Conservative Corporate and Law Firms. If the client is a lawyer, doctor, public accountants, or simply prefers a more conservative and classic design, they can add Spot UV to add a creative touch to it. 

Creating unique and stunning business cards definitely improve people's business in the long term. Business cards are not just contact information but it represent people's business and what their brand stands for. So don't forget to double-check for any imperfections as it may negatively impact your business. Make an everlasting business card to easily spread people's business to their customers and leave a positive impression to help people stand out from their competitors. Business cards are affordable, yet effective and Aladdin Print offers free express shipping worldwide to help people advertise their business. If users want to create affordable and quality business cards, visit or email for any inquiries. 

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