All in Print China 2018 - Enter the Era of Intelligent Printing

24 May 2017

The first press conference of the 7th All in Print China was grandly held on May 10th 2017 in Beijing, at which announced the official initiation of the preparation work of All in Print China 2018. More than one hundred guests in total were present at the conference, including representatives from local and international associations, media and leading companies. They together witnessed the grand inauguration of All in Print China 2018.


All in Print China

About AIP 2018
On October 24-28, 2018, the 7th All in Print China will be held on schedule in Shanghai New International Expo Center. There will be 8 thematic pavilions in line with the popular topics, including pavilions for digital pre-press, comprehensive printing, post press converting, packaging equipment, ink & innovative materials, label industry, flexo printing technology and innovation factory. The area of AIP 2018 will reach 110,000m2, and it is expected to attract more than 1,000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors to attend the event. See more information at:

All in Print China

8 Thematic Pavilions:

• Digital Pre-press Pavilion
In 2015, the global market value of the digital printing accounts for 13.9% of that of the printing and packaging industry, and the figure is expected to reach 17.4% in 2020. Thanks to the cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet technology, the digital printing industry is entering a new domain with huge market potential, high added value and productization, and has quickly merged with the traditional printing industry. With the rapid development of digital technology, the pre-press process has become more and more digitalized. A digital work-flow featuring computer integration has come into being, CTP technology has been widely used, and the digitalized revolution has penetrated into the traditional printing industry. In the Digital Pre-press Pavilion, visitors will acquaint themselves with the new trend of digital printing, try its new application, explore new opportunities and grasp new digital technology for pre-press.

• Comprehensive Printing Pavilion
With the successive slide of international market, especially when China, the printing powerhouse, enters the new normal featuring slowed growth and intensified adjustment, the outdated capacity will be forced out of market gradually, and the high-end printing equipment, as well as innovative equipment with digital, smart and green features will be the routine of the industry. Due to rising human cost for printing services, printing enterprises have tried to benefit from the equipment, so it is inevitable that more intelligent, automated equipment will be employed in transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Printing equipment manufacturers, through more research and innovative technology materials and improved automation, have seen noticeable progress in technical level.

The Comprehensive Printing Pavilion will showcase the latest findings on the offset printer and related technologies and solutions.

• Post-press Converting Pavilion
The development of science and technology and the fierce competition of the market call for development of printing in a faster, better and cheaper direction. After the pre-press and printing begin digital, intelligent and online operation, post-press converting has become the bottleneck restricting the rapid development of the printing industry. Therefore, the automated and intelligent post-press converting is of great significance for the entire printing industry. Now the digital technology has revolutionized the postpress toward automation and intelligent operation: automatic connection for higher quality and efficiency; the surface finishing and diversified processes (cutting, polishing, stamping, embossing) for higher value. In this pavilion, you will have a close contact with the era of post-press converting 4.0.

• Packaging Equipment Pavilion
With the development of food, cosmetic and other packaging applications, the global packaging market is growing. The data show that in 2016, the output of global packaging industry increased to about $820 billion. Among them, the paper packaging will continue to lead the global packaging market, with the total output value nearly reaching $250 billion, while the rigid plastic package output value was over $200 billion, and that of soft packaging rose to $163 billion. The booming packaging market offers excellent opportunity for packaging equipment suppliers. How can international brands expand in emerging markets and how can Chinese manufacturing enterprises improve the equipment automation, and intelligence and fine operation to reach the international level in terms of technology? This Pavilion will showcase the sophisticated domestic and international packaging equipment. At the same time, there will be an area specifically for corrugated equipment, focusing on technical solutions of advanced corrugated packaging.

• Ink & Innovative Materials Pavilion
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, green printing is the inevitable trend of the printing industry. The development and application of environmentally friendly printing materials can effectively promote the development of green printing, and help printing companies to generate more value-added ideas. Green materials have become a consensus in the industry, but the use of green materials is just at a primitive stage of the green application. In the future more attention should be paid to innovating the new green auxiliary materials, thus making the green concept penetrate deeper in the production. In this pavilion, visitors will find all kinds of innovative and environmentally friendly printing supplies, such as paper, plates, ink, etc.

• Label Industry Pavilion
Statistics show that, in 2015, China's total output value of the label printing industry surpassed 35 billion yuan, up 7.8% in contrast to 2014, while the total output of selfadhesive materials surpassed 4.6 billion m2, up 5.6% over the previous year. From a global perspective, the growth rate of label market in the Asia Pacific region is by far over the global average, being the fastest growing market as well. It is expected that by 2019, the global label market value will increase from $32.7 billion in 2014 to $41.6 billion. Asia, the world's largest label printing market, will account for 41% of the global label market share. The Label Industry Pavilion will be an epitome of Asian label printing industry.

• Flexo Technology Pavilion
Flexo printing technology has developed for over 30 years in China. Flexographic printing only had an insignificant market share in the past for its poor quality in comparison with that of the offset printing. With progress in equipment and technology, however, the flexo printing quality has greatly improved and gradually entered the rank of high quality printing. Besides, it shows distinctive advantage in efficiency, environmental protection, safety and health, so it is gaining increasingly higher market awareness and acceptance. Today, flexo printing technology has been able to compete with offset printing, gravure printing, embossing and digital printing technology in many areas, and China's flexo market will usher in a new era of development. Flexo Technology Pavilion will familiarize you with the best practice and application of the flexo printing technology.

• Innovation Factory
"Innovation Factory" made its debut in the 6th All in Print China in 2016, enchanting visitors with 30 printing and packaging solutions, 24 sharing speeches, frontier application scheme and exquisite booth design in an exhibition area of 1,500m2. The Innovation Factory will continue to delve into such topics the cultural creativity of printing, green environment, future technology, 3D fab + print, intelligent manufacturing and Internet Plus, focusing on the latest technology, application and future of the printing industry.