American Packaging Corporation introduces an all-PE, high-barrier, innovative cold seal flow wrap package that is suitable for the front of store drop-off recycle streams

23 June 2020

American Packaging Corporation has developed a recyclable lamination for applications that depend on high speed cohesive sealing systems. The new development (REC01) is part of the APC RETM family of sustainable materials that have been engineered to meet production line performance and product protection standards in many common usages. "We have created an easy set of answers that can be quick to scale for brands who are looking for a path to meet sustainable packaging goals," said Jeff Travis who leads sustainable packaging programs on the Solutions Team at American Packaging. To automate the development process around a common solution family, the APC RETM program is an innovative menu of pre-selected structures with product protection and production performance targets found in many common packaging applications. The APC method of predesigning sustainable solutions for applications is enabling packaging teams to quickly and efficiently satisfy their sustainability goals.  

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