Aptar CSP Technologies Launches Fully Integrated Active Packaging Solution Combining Moisture Adsorption and Oxygen Scavenging Properties

3 February 2020

Aptar CSP Technologies, a leader in material science and active packaging solutions that ensure product protection, extend shelf life and improve user experiences, announces the launch of the first-of-its kind combination oxygen scavenging and moisture adsorption active packaging solution. This new technology utilizes the company’s patented 3-phase Activ-Polymer™ platform within its Activ-Film™ product configuration.

This innovative combination technology builds on the recent U.S. FDA approval of an HIV prevention medicine expected to launch in Q1 2020 that utilizes the company’s Activ-Blister™ packaging solution to provide moisture adsorption and drug product stability.

Aptar CSP Technologies added the combined oxygen scavenging and moisture adsorption capability to the Activ-Film™ product to provide customers with a fully-integrated solution for drug products that are sensitive to both moisture and oxidation. The unique proprietary formulation provides unparalleled dual protection in various packaging configurations, such as Activ-Blister™, and broad application fields ranging from oral solid dose and transdermal to diagnostics and probiotics.

“This is an important milestone for Aptar CSP as we continue to expand the capabilities of our 3-phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology to accelerate and de-risk the product development process, providing solutions that improve and save patients’ lives,” said Badre Hammond, Vice President Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “This technology can help reduce packaging complexity while providing a custom solution to stability concerns, enabling pharmaceutical companies to enhance drug stability and support speed-to-market.”

Aptar CSP Technologies’ 3-phase Activ-Polymer™ platform technology offers customized active packaging solutions designed to meet the drug developer’s specific formulation as well as provide a broad spectrum of drug-specific protection, including aroma emitting, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) scavenging, and anti-microbial scavenging.


Source: news.aptar.com