Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) welcomes first CDP rating

18 January 2023

Recently, CDP, a non-profit environmental, social and governance rating agency, issued its updated ratings for organisations around the world for 2022. Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. (AMP), a global supplier of beverage cans, was awarded a leadership rating of A- for water management and a B rating for climate change.

AMP, through such third-party verification, is building from the inherent environmental advantages of infinitely recyclable beverage cans, which are a perfect example of a circular economy with recycled cans able to return to store shelves in their original form in about 60 days.

AMP had previously secured ratings from CDP with Ardagh Glass Packaging, both businesses of Ardagh Group. This was the first year for an independent CDP rating and the company was benchmarked against peer organisations in the metal manufacturers category.

"The positive CDP rating for AMP verifies we are on track in delivering on our sustainability commitments," said Oliver Graham, CEO AMP. "We will maintain our path toward environmental excellence as we consistently deliver on objectives such as emissions, waste and water usage reduction. Through this we will continue to serve as a leadership example in our local communities and further support our customer's own sustainability platforms."

CDP measures and assesses the risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and forests. CDP included more stringent scoring in 2022 in order to drive best practices, improve data quality and better track organisations' alignment on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and, per the Paris Agreement of 2015, achieve net zero emissions by 2050. In 2022, more than 18,000 organisations around the world participated in the rating by CDP.

For more information on AMP's sustainability journey, please click here.

Ardagh Metal Packaging (NYSE:AMBP) is a leading supplier of sustainable and infinitely recyclable beverage cans globally. Ardagh Metal Packaging operates 24 production facilities in nine countries, employing more than 5,000 people with sales of approximately $4.1bn.