ARK Reusables Launches a Reusable Revolution

1 October 2019

SEATTLE, Oct. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ARK Reusables, a new company making a zero-waste shift in the way restaurants and diners do to-go orders, is now live on Kickstarter. ARK Reusables are thoughtfully engineered, modernly designed, and highly functional reusable dishes made specifically for the takeout dining experience. The crowdfunding campaign launched today. Backing levels begin at $22, with a goal of raising $40,000 to bring the product and the business model to the U.S.

Ark Reusables launched its Kickstarter today. Ark Reusables are modern, sleek, collapsible, and reusable dishes designed for takeout. Founder, Beth Massa wants the Ark Reusables Kickstarter to shift our plastic take-out habit in an effort to prevent billions of single-use disposable food containers from entering and polluting the environment.

Founded by Beth and Michael Massa, two former Seattle residents who currently live and work in the Netherlands, ARK Reusables was born from the success of the Ozarka brand in Amsterdam. Their mission is to make it easy for restaurant owners, food industry professionals and consumers to drastically reduce single-use food packaging waste.  ARK Reusables will initially launch to consumers through Kickstarter, with the intention of introducing ARK Reusables on a larger commercial scale with restaurant partners.

"We're thrilled that our Kickstarter is live with the goal to bring ARK Reusables to the States," said Beth Massa, co-founder of Ozarka and ARK Reusables. "With an estimated 12-million tons of plastic waste dumped into the ocean every year and about 80% of that coming from food packaging, we knew we needed to come up with a way to reduce and reuse in a way that is easily adapted for both the consumer and the businesses." 

The Massas realized there must be a better solution and business model for prepared food packaging, industry wide, to get rid of the overwhelming amount of waste that is being produced. While convenient, plant-based and compostable containers can be more harmful than helpful due to binding agents that take too long to decompose and could contribute further harm to the environment.

Designed by award-winning industrial designer Michelle Ivankovic, ARK Reusables come with a lifetime guarantee, match the convenience of takeout containers, and offer modern visual appeal and functionality. ARK Reusables are constructed completely from food grade silicone, including the tight-fitting lid. They are collapsible to about half an inch, making the dishes convenient, packable, easy to clean, wash, store and use. Each dish is imprinted with measurements, including tare weights, so that food producers can quickly and accurately portion meals. Once the $40,000 Kickstarter campaign is fulfilled, ARK Reusables will begin its B2B push to encourage restaurants, cafes, food trucks, salad bars and other food producers to provide the dishes in place of single-use containers. 

For more information about ARK Reusables, visit For more information about Ozarka, visit  You can follow the reusable revolution on our social media:

About ARK Reusables

ARK Reusables was founded by former Seattle residents, Beth Massa and Michael Massa, specializing in elegant reusable silicone dishes for takeout dining. ARK Reusables are designed by Amsterdam-based award-winning industrial designer Michelle Ivankovic. Imprinting, images, and flourishes of, on, or in the containers is designed by Ozarka's brand designers, Jason Grube and Corianton Hale of Headquarters, based in Seattle. For more information, visit

About Ozarka

Ozarka is the parent company of ARK Reusables, founded by Beth Massa and Michael Massa. Servicing the food industry in the Netherlands, Ozarka offers a deposit-based system for reusable takeout dishes, as well as a retail store where every product is offered in multi-use or reusable packaging. For more information about Ozarka, visit

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