Auto-Insertable EnvyPak Clear Poly Envelopes Make Sense for Direct Mail

27 June 2019

DUBLIN, Ohio, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- EnvyPak offers a clear poly direct mail envelope that provides creative flexibility, meets postal guidelines, and sails through inserting and processing equipment with flying colors.

"This is great news for marketers who crave more attention and better results for their direct mail," said Sean Bannon, Business Development Manager for EnvyPak.

"What type of envelope you use plays a huge role in whether your mailer gets opened. A paper envelope has to elbow its way through the pile of paper lookalikes in a mailbox to even stand a chance of being opened."

Bannon cautions that lower-cost poly envelopes provide a bit more flexibility, but doing your research and knowing what you're buying are key. "Most are made from 1.7 or 2.0 mil poly which may be too flimsy for insertion and mailing processes," Bannon said.

While it's true you may pay more for higher quality clear poly mailing envelopes than for traditional plain paper envelopes, Bannon stated "their return on investment will usually more than outweigh the difference in cost."

Go ahead and work it

According to Bannon, EnvyPak machine-insertable clear envelopes are completely different from the plastic sleeves and poly mailers you see in your mailbox that are stuffed with coupons, fliers and newspapers.

EnvyPak clear poly envelopes are sturdy, fully-constructed, four-sided envelopes with an open side and closed or "welded" sides and bottom.

"They hold up when they go through postal machining and inserting because they're made with a robust, 4.5 mil clear polypropylene that's specially engineered for compatibility with most automation equipment," he said.

Savings at the post office

EnvyPak clear auto-insertable envelopes also save money when they are formatted specifically for auto-insertion and qualify for the EnvyPak Automation Letter Rate (ALR) postage. 

Highlights of the ruling are:

  • This special rate applies to marketing mail, non-profit marketing mail and 1st class mailings.
  • Postage is typically reduced by over 50% vs any other plastic envelope, poly bag or even a traditional EnvyPak.
  • An address label isn't required and certain formats are machine insertable.
  • Because EnvyPak envelopes are made in the USA, they are not subject to tariffs that other poly envelope manufacturers are experiencing.

Bannon added "For even more impact, customize an EnvyPak with full color printing. And take it up a notch higher with interaction. There's basically no limit to the creativity you can show with EnvyPak clear envelopes."

About EnvyPak

EnvyPak, a division of Univenture, is based in Ohio, and manufactures the best-looking and best-performing clear polypropylene envelope and packaging products in the marketplace.  EnvyPak has been used by prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, AT & T, PNC Bank, Target and others.

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