BellaGiada creates luxurious packaging for new brand Scarlett Gasque

26 June 2023

Luxury packaging supplier, BellaGiada, has created a luxurious packaging experience for new exclusive lingerie brand, Scarlett Gasque. The packaging is capable of accommodating multiple clothing items up to a significant size and is suitable for international shipping.

The BellaGiada structural design team worked with London Contour Experts to develop a collapsible pack that could store flat and, when 'made up', become a fully rigid presentation pack worthy of a luxury brand. The pack comes with matching tissue paper, tissue stickers, hand-stamped envelopes with replica wax closer, a compliment card, and one of 12 'character' cards to accompany the goods.

To add to the luxurious feel, the litho printing of the presentation pack features vegetable-based inks, delicate foil blocking, and embossing to emphasise the brand. The packaging design was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also served a practical purpose as the collapsible design made it easy to store and ship, while the rigid structure protected the fragile lingerie from potential damage during transit. Additionally, the eco-friendly material used for the outer shipper allowed for the box to be recycled or composted, reducing the amount of waste produced during the production and fulfilment process.

Simon Dipple, SVP international business development at BellaGiada, said: “The success of the Scarlett Gasque packaging is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our design team. From the intricate litho printing to the eco-friendly shipper, every element was carefully chosen to create a luxurious experience for customers.

“The project was also a great example of collaboration between ourselves, London Contour Experts and Scarlett Gasque. The end result is a packaging experience worthy of a luxury brand that was both cost-effective and eco-friendly.”

The debut of Scarlett Gasque's packaging at London Fashion Week in February 2023 was met with accolades from both customers and peers alike.

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