BOBST tandem laminator reduces costs and increases sustainable operations for Bhojraj Industries

12 October 2020

Bhojraj Industries is an expert in printing and processing of filmic materials for packaging. Following the recent installation of a second BOBST gravure press, the Nigerian company has now invested in a BOBST NOVA TD 800 LAMINATOR to meet the demand for ever more complex laminated structures. To complement its strong capabilities in the print department, where two BOBST gravure presses are producing high-quality packaging for clients in the food industry, Bhojraj Industries has decided to introduce a new sophisticated set up for making laminated substrates.

By installing a NOVA TD 800 laminator, the company will be able to widen its product range and achieve an overall optimisation of costs and a reduction of waste. The machine is part of a considerable investment plan that has seen the company modernise its inventory across the board. The Lagos-based food packaging specialist, which traces its roots back to the 1960s, is today part of Bhojraj Chanrai Group. In 2019, a nine-colour BOBST MASTER RS 6003 gravure press was bought, followed by a BOBST NOVA RS 5003 in 2020.

“Over the last couple of years, we have embarked on a major investment programme in response to a large increase in the demand for high-quality flexible packaging from our customers in the food sector,” stated Mahesh Sadhwani Chairman of Bhojraj Chanrai Group. “We are partnering with BOBST to ensure that we remain competitive and deliver the best products to our clients. These investments represent a step change for us, and I’m proud to say that we are leading the way in packaging production in Nigeria.”

Maximum production flexibility
The special tandem configuration of the new BOBST NOVA 800 platform allows the two laminators to function either separately to produce duplex structures or inline as one machine capable of making more complicated triplex structures. The NOVA TD 800 LAMINATOR is a multi-technology machine that offers superior web handling of all material types, including new sustainable and very thin films, at high speeds of up to 450 m/min. This model is equipped with automatic turret winders that enable on-the-fly changeovers without stopping the machine, making it much more productive and wasting less substrate in the process.  The machine high specifications include the motorized pressure roller allowing advanced coating technology with the flexo system for solvent-based adhesives and with reverse coating for water-based applications.

“The NOVA TD 800 impressed me by the quick-change trolley system, and by how easy it is for the operator to use, along with the high level of automation,” commented Vice President Operations Mustafa Khokhawala. “It is also very safe and will give us a safer working environment,” he added.

Bhojraj is confident that their new NOVA TD 800 will bring them the latest in laminating technology to deliver high performance packaging solutions to their customers. “We chose the NOVA TD 800 because its operational efficiency, and we chose the tandem configuration because it offers us a unique ability for inline production of complex laminates. This will give us faster time to market and cost savings without compromising on quality”, concluded Manging Director Nikos Gkanetos.