Bockatech and Westfall Technik® solidify EcoCore® license deal

29 May 2020

HUNTINGDON, England and LAS VEGAS, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Bockatech, developer of EcoCore® foamtech for lightweight and reusable packaging, and Westfall Technik Inc®., a global holding company that provides innovative plastics manufacturing solutions to the healthcare, packaging and consumer goods industries, have announced a new agreement.

The new deal will see Westfall promoting Bockatech's EcoCore foamtech to key prospects in the United States, with options to extend the partnership to toolmaking and mass production for the nominated applications.

Talking about why Westfall chose to work with Bockatech's innovative technology, Jim Berklas, Chief Growth Officer at Westfall, said: "EcoCore is a very versatile technology with many high value applications in food service, food retail, industrial chemicals and healthcare.

"We work with some of the best-known brands in the world and are always on the lookout for new technologies that will give them a significant competitive advantage.

"The ability of EcoCore to create thermal barriers to protect consumers from hot as well as cold food, lightweight single use packaging and create more sustainable low-cost reusables, gives brands the opportunity to stand out from the crowd."

Optimized for use with Borealis polypropylene, Bockatech EcoCore creates packaging with skin-foam-skin walls instantly — increasing strength, reducing material use, cutting cycle times and boosting thermal protection.

The platform technology has a wide variety of packaging applications including food service (e.g. to-go cups), food retail (e.g. microwave meals and noodle pots), healthcare (e.g. medicine and sharps containers) and industrial (e.g. pails, tubs and paint containers).

Speaking about EcoCore and its ability to help brands address both the sustainability demands of consumers as well as governments, Chris Bocking, CEO at Bockatech, said: "With growing consumer concern and legislation about sustainability, technologies that help brands tackle the issue and comply with laws across all territories are essential.

"EcoCore is helping brands transition to lightweight single use packaging that can be recycled. And, explore new opportunities for low cost reusables.

"This has the potential to cut the amount of packaging made and create a step change reduction in key environmental impacts such as greenhouse gas production and ocean pollution."

EcoCore is a platform technology with many high value applications in food service, food retail, industrial chemicals and healthcare.

EcoCore uses polypropylene and creates skin-foam-skin walls instantly — cutting cycle times, increasing strength, reducing material and boosting thermal protection.

EcoCore mouldings are very durable, can feature in-mould labels for impactful branding and may be washed hundreds of times to enable reuse.

About Westfall Technik Inc.

Westfall Technik is a global holding company which provides highly-productive plastics manufacturing solutions to the healthcare, consumer packaging and consumer goods and light industrial industries.

Westfall Technik's competitive advantages include modern automated systems, correlative molding processes, and effective industry 4.0 concepts.

Brand owners can expect high quality products at an excellent value, a fast response for decreased time-to-market, 100% inspection and traceability from pellet to pallet, supply chain security compliance, and reliability from a trustworthy team.

About Bockatech and EcoCore

Bockatech provides innovative plastic production technology under licence to help converters and brands improve the products and packaging they make and provide for consumers.

EcoCore is a new foaming technology for polypropylene plastics that creates insulated, lightweight and durable packaging that is reusable and recyclable to improve sustainability.

The innovative foamtech produces skin-foam-skin walls in an instant. Cycle times for mouldings using EcoCore are the same as those made from solid plastic — up to 80% less than other foam core products.

EcoCore mouldings also have a very high strength to weight ratio. Packaging produced with EcoCore is up to 5X stiffer than solid mouldings of the same weight. Or, the amount of plastic required can be reduced by up to 70%.

The skin-foam-skin walls also provide thermal insulation, offering up to 1.2X more protection than similar solid wall mouldings.

The technology uses tried and trusted polypropylene plastics as well as injection moulding processes — making safe, reliable mouldings with the minimum of investment in new equipment.

EcoCore is creating innovative products and packaging with a competitive edge for converters and brands across all major sectors, including food service, food retail, industrial chemicals and healthcare.

EcoCore® is a registered trademark of Bockatech Ltd

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