Bookkeeping Better with Botkeeper: New Pricing and Packaging

13 March 2023

Life is complicated enough as it is, so leading automated bookkeeping solution provider Botkeeper has simplified its packages and pricing. Which is nice, right? One less thing. The company has eliminated add-on services, opting instead to include them in the Basic and Advanced packages it now offers.

Botkeeper previously offered weekly and monthly processing, which now moves to weekly or daily processing. This provides improved ROI to Botkeeper partners, while the elimination of a platform fee and tiered pricing makes calculation of ROI far simpler than before.

The changes acknowledge customer feedback, and deliver superior value to Botkeeper partners.

"We set out to enable the industry and raise the bar on what's possible. As of this launch we are making weekly bookkeeping the new standard — a major upgrade from monthly. Best of all, we are offering the upgrade to weekly processing at the same cost as monthly," said Botkeeper CEO, Enrico Palmerino. "If you're a firm that wants to grow, wants to increase profitability, and wants to raise the standard of service for your clients — you're going to want the Botkeeper Operating System."

Botkeeper provides accounting firms and their clients a powerful combination of skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The Botkeeper Operating System (BOS) gives your CAS or bookkeeping practice an unparalleled workflow management system that uses best practices refined over several years. Accounting firms can grow their book of business, diversify their service offering, increase capacity, and improve overhead costs using the BOS full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solution. With BOS you have the ultimate tool to efficiently manage your bookkeeping client base. Learn more about Botkeeper here!

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