Brazilian Craft Brewer Moves to Metal Packaging in Partnership with Crown

9 March 2020

Aiming to appeal to local consumers and increase its brand presence, Brazil-based craft beer brand Bierland has converted 100% of its product portfolio to be packaged in beverage cans in collaboration with Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A., a subsidiary of Crown Holdings, Inc. With this format transition, the craft brewer will expand its regional reach, enhance accessibility for consumers and respond to changing market demands.

Bierland chose beverage cans due to their many inherent benefits. Advantages include an airtight hermetic seal, which provides temperature regulation and prevents premature spoilage from heat, light or oxygen—critical for preserving the flavor profile of craft beer—and portability, which facilitates on-the-go, convenient consumption. Recognizing the growing popularity of outdoor activities and events throughout Brazil, the new format will help Bierland’s customers easily enjoy their favorite brews in diverse, active environments without compromising product taste or quality. Bierland also moved to cans for their robust sustainability platform. Beverage cans are infinitely recyclable and can be transformed into new cans in as little as 60 days—attributes that contribute to a circular economy.

“This was a critical step for Bierland, as we are one of the pioneer brands in the production of craft beer in Brazil and one of the most awarded breweries in the city of Blumenau, located in the southern state of Santa Catarina and nationally recognized as the Brazilian beer capital,” said Eduardo Krueger, Co-Founder and Director, Bierland. “The market has been showing great acceptability for this packaging, and the format has grown to become a global trend.”

The metal packaging launch includes eight flavor varieties: Bierland Pilsen, Bierland Weizen, Bierland IPA, Bierland Vienna, Bierland Stout, Bierland Strong and the recently released America Pure Malt Pilsen and the Cocktail Classic Red Wine, a mixed ready-to-drink cocktail beverage. All SKUs are packaged in standard 350ml, 204.5-diameter cans. When selecting a partner to supply beverage cans, Bierland engaged Crown for its expertise in the format and robust presence in South America.

“We couldn’t think of a better company to team up with to execute this exciting transition to cans,” said Rubens Deeke, Bierland’s Executive Manager. “We were referred to Crown by one of its customers and were aware of the Company’s strong relationship with other craft beer and beverage brands throughout Brazil. We are committed to solely working with Crown as we take the Bierland brand to new heights.”

When designing Bierland’s new packaging, Crown provided guidance on graphics, inks and finishes, as well as the nuances of printing on metal, to create eight different labels. The use of various “premium” enhancements, like matte varnishes, also helps deliver a tactile and visual experience to engage consumers and enhance brand differentiation.

“Crown was eager to help Bierland build its brand through the adoption of metal packaging,” said Fabio Braido, Commercial, Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A. “Through this transition, Bierland has demonstrated its forward-thinking nature and desire to design the best brand experience possible for its customers. These characteristics align closely with our own core commitment to helping our customers innovate, evolve and foster lasting connections. We look forward to further collaboration with Bierland as the Brazilian craft beer market continues to thrive.”

Bierland’s canned lineup is now available on retail shelves. As a next step, the brewer anticipates expanding its presence from the southern region of Brazil to include new markets such as the central and northwestern regions of the country. The stackable, lightweight design of beverage cans allows the brand to transport higher product volume per shipment and reportedly increase its output by three times its current levels.

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