Burnett Plastic Surgery Adds a Versatile New Treatment for the Spring

3 June 2019

Westfield, New Jersey-Area Patients Can Rejuvenate Their Skin with Venus Versa™

WESTFIELD, N.J., May 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As a plastic surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Carlos Burnett is committed to offering treatments that benefit his patients, whether the solution to their cosmetic concern is surgical or not. Given the fact that no two people are alike—and that aesthetic goals can vary widely—he aims to ensure that his practice provides a wide range of services. That ideal is embodied in the newest device to be available at Burnett Plastic Surgery: Venus Versa™.

By combining three different technologies—intense pulsed light, radiofrequency energy, and electromagnetic fields—Venus Versa™ is able to provide nine different treatments via a single device.

Most notably, Venus Versa™ can improve the texture, tone, and elasticity of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and other beneficial elements. That makes it ideal for fading scars, softening deep wrinkles and fine lines, shrinking enlarged pores, and repairing sun damage. The photofacial modality, in particular, is intended to treat sun spots and similar forms of discoloration, as well as spider veins and other visible vessels.

The device can focus specifically on sagging skin for a tightening effect, improving definition and providing a more youthful look. The various modalities also allow it to address unwanted hair by impacting follicles. As an acne treatment, it can both reduce inflammation to treat breakouts and kill the bacteria that would otherwise cause new pimples and pustules to appear in the future.

Session specifics will obviously depend on the condition being treated, but patients should expect multiple applications, spaced apart over a predetermined period, in order to achieve their ideal results. With IPL, for example, patients typically have four to five sessions, each lasting an average of 15 to 20 minutes.

Because Venus Versa™ is not a surgical procedure, there is minimal downtime required after a session. In some cases, especially treatments that involve intense pulsed light, the skin may be red—similar to a sunburn—for as long as a day after a session. It is important to wear sunscreen and protect against ultraviolet exposure in the days following a session in order to maximize the results and minimize the risk of new damage. Of course, Dr. Burnett recommends proper sun protection for any time someone will be spending time outdoors.

Contact Westfield’s Burnett Plastic Surgery today to learn more about Venus Versa. Call 908.233.0200 or send a message online to get answers to questions or arrange a consultation with one of the practice’s certified providers.

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