C-P Flexible Packaging and Volpi Foods Launch First Fully Compostable Package for Packaged Deli Meats

11 May 2022

C-P Flexible Packaging (C-P), a leader in the flexible packaging industry, has teamed up with Volpi Foods, a leading manufacturer of cured meats, to launch the first fully compostable package for packaged deli meats. C-P’s proprietary GreenStream™ compostable packaging is certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) and meets the standards established under ASTM D6400 test methods.

For 120 years, Volpi has produced high-quality sustainably sourced cured meats, and Volpi’s artisan cured meats can be found in grocery stores nationwide. Since 2020, the company has been converting all products to sustainable packaging, beginning with packages that use less plastic than standard deli meat packaging.

When it came time for a rebranding, Volpi wanted to convey the brand promise in each and every package of their products. Volpi chose C-P to engineer this next-generation fully compostable package without compromising durability, machinability or sealing properties. After use, the package can break down into natural compost—carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

“We are proud to invest in technologies that can reduce our impact on the environment,” said Mike Hoffman, CEO of C-P. “It’s an honor for us to work with a responsible and visionary company like Volpi. They are leading the way to a better future.”

Lorenza Pasetti, CEO of Volpi Foods, said, “When we decided to rebrand, we wanted to set the stage for our strategic direction also. Incorporating our Responsibly Raised Pork Program and marrying that together with our Artisanal production methods was paramount to the company. The final implementation was the use of less plastic in our packaging. We wanted to make a statement that all companies can have a positive effect on the environment by reducing the amount of plastic used. C-P worked with us to ensure this strategic goal was made a reality. We sincerely appreciate having a partner who was able to deliver on our brand promise.”

To learn more about C-P Flexible Packaging’s expanded portfolio of flexible packaging products and capabilities, visit cpflexpack.com.

About C-P Flexible Packaging

Founded in 1958, C-P Flexible Packaging is one of the top sustainable flexible packaging manufacturers in the U.S., supporting the growth efforts of some of the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. Headquartered in York, PA., C-P operates ten manufacturing plants across North America and employs over 1,000 people. The company brings together a full portfolio of flexible packaging formats spanning HD printed rollstock, premade pouches, shrink sleeves, stretch sleeves, poly bags, roll-fed labels, peel and reseal packaging, cold-seal flow wrap, compostable and recyclable flexible packaging. For more information on C-P Flexible Packaging, visit www.cpflexpack.com.

About Volpi Foods

John Volpi founded Volpi Foods in the iconic St. Louis’ Italian neighborhood of The Hill in 1902, and now 120 years later, the fourth-generation, family-owned business remains a leader in the specialty food industry. While the family still operates a deli and shop from the original storefront, consumers can now find Volpi Foods products across the country. The Volpi Foods family is committed to providing high quality products for their consumers by preserving the ancient art of dry cured meat by hand and fostering partnerships with local farmers to source fresh meat Raised Responsibly™. To learn more about Volpi Foods, visit www.volpifoods.com.

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Source: businesswire.com