Cartor Security Printers acquired by Spectra Systems

12 January 2024

Security printing group, Cartor Security Printers, has been acquired by Spectra Systems Corporation, a leader in machine-readable high-speed banknote authentication, brand protection technologies and gaming security software. Following completion on 22 December 2023, the acquisition is set to bolster Spectra's presence in the polymer banknote substrate market and introduce fresh avenues for selling its security products.

Cartor’s existing management structure, comprising Andrew Brigham as managing director, Ian Brigham as chairman and Martin French as finance director, will maintain their respective roles, emphasising the integration of the team as a unified group.

Cartor operates through three wholly-owned subsidiary companies and maintains manufacturing facilities in both the UK and France. It supplies postage stamps to more than 180 administrations worldwide, offering a wide range of products, including conventional and hybrid postage stamps, tax stamps, vouchers, coupons, certificates, and security documents. Additionally, Cartor provides a secure environment for manual assembly and fulfilment. The company stands out from its competitors by employing cutting-edge technology to make it difficult for counterfeiters to operate in industries with valuable products and services.

In collaboration with Spectra over the past two years, Cartor has developed the expertise required to produce Fusion™ substrates, which are undergoing qualification by central banks and leading polymer banknote printers.

Spectra's acquisition of Cartor will not only enhance its presence in the polymer substrate market, but also enable the integration of advanced security technologies into Cartor's product portfolio. As a well-established global player in these sectors, Cartor is well-positioned to seamlessly incorporate Spectra's technologies, develop necessary processes and introduce Spectra's products to its existing customer base.

Dr. Nabil Lawandy, CEO of Spectra Systems, commented: "The Spectra Board of Directors and I are pleased to announce the acquisition of Cartor, which solidifies our position in the polymer substrate market and broadens our business reach through new sales channels. Our two-year collaboration with the Cartor team has been exceptional and I have great confidence in the group's leadership."

Andrew Brigham, managing director of Cartor, added: "The acquisition comes at a pivotal moment for Cartor's growth and, under Nabil's leadership, we aim to expedite this growth and unlock new opportunities. The Cartor group intends to harness Spectra's extensive technical expertise and Cartor's operational prowess to deliver groundbreaking solutions to both current and future customers."

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