Curtis Packaging Corporation Manufactures PPE

1 May 2020

Curtis Packaging Corporation, founded in 1845, is a luxury packaging company who recently pivoted production lines to the manufacturing Face Shields.

"We felt it was our responsibility to aid in the fight against COVID-19 by protecting essential front-line workers. In less than two weeks, we went from conception to full-on production ( We are now manufacturing up to 150,000 shields per day!"

"I am beyond proud and honored to lead such a talented team. In our 175-year heritage, we have been through wars, recessions, and pandemics. It's the dedication of our people that sets us apart from the pack. We often reference our strength as WE are Curtis," said Don Droppo Jr., President, Owner, and CEO of Curtis Packaging.

Product Details

Curtis Packaging has been very diligent in reference to testing their new face shields. The patent-pending, one-piece, lightweight, easy to assemble face shields are made of .015 PET (plastic), have an anti-fog coating, carry an ANSI-Z87 Certification and is currently in queue to become FDA Approved. The face shields are also disposable. "I must say the design is simple yet elegant," said the CEO of a prominent New England hospital network. "I love the way the fold keeps the shield off the face nicely without requiring a foam strip across the forehead."

Product Availability

Having recently established a reliable plastic supply, Curtis Packaging can now produce up to 150,000 face shields per day. The face shields are most easily acquired through their especial web address ( and are currently readily available.

About Curtis Packaging

Curtis Packaging, established in 1845, is a worldwide leader in luxury packaging manufacturing. Having clients in the Golf Ball, Liquor, Cosmetics, and Chocolates industries, Curtis Packaging serves globally recognizable brands all over the country. Curtis was the first packaging company in North America to operate using 100% renewable energy. Curtis' production facility is also Carbon Neutral, and zero waste to landfill. Curtis Packaging is an EPA Green Power Partner and uses FSC and SFI certified paperboard. Curtis has long been admired for its commitment to sustainability, and its constant involvement in projects to improve its carbon footprint, such as its Reforest the Tropics project where the company purchased a section of forest in Costa Rica to sequester CO2 and preserve the forestry. Curtis Packaging also carries a G7 certification, identifying them as a master printer. Curtis Packaging is elated to be able to aid in the fight against COVID-19 by producing and distributing their face shields.

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Stephen Barmore
Director of New Business Development