Custom Set Up Box Manufacturer, Brimar Packaging, Offers Additional Resources and Services for US Packaging Brokers

18 August 2020

Brimar Packaging, a US based box manufacturer, is creating new ways to make it easier for packaging brokers to better serve their clients. Brimar Packaging currently serves US manufacturers and packaging brokers with custom box needs, and they are challenging the broker process with innovative ways of doing business.

Brimar Packaging is previewing a comprehensive Brokers Resource Center where packaging brokers can gain access to custom and interactive tools to help them sell more boxes with a focus on American made. Brimar has been a leader in American box manufacturing for over 25 years, and their goal is to get more American made boxes in the hands of US manufacturers. By partnering with more packaging brokers, they believe they can make that a reality.

With the announcement of the new Packaging Brokers Resource Center, Brimar Packaging will offer one-to-one service and facilitate the sales process for packaging brokers.

Co-owner and VP of Sales, Brian French says, “Roughly 40% of the work we do is with packaging brokers who serve small and mid-sized businesses across the United States. We know that the easiest way for them to sell more American made products is by giving the sales teams the tools that they need to get the job done.”

Packaging brokers can reach out directly to learn more or visit

About Brimar Packaging

Brimar Packaging is a US based box and packaging manufacturer that specializes in custom set up boxes, vinyl boxes, folding boxes, specialty boxes, and custom box inserts. All their boxes are 100% US made using American made raw materials.