EndFlex Offers New Customizable Robotic Pick & Place Cells

27 July 2022

EndFlex announced the addition of the PKR modular pick and place cell with delta robot to its lineup of case and tray packing machines. Designed as a packing solution for flexible bags and packages, the PKR Delta joins the pick and place family alongside the PKR Gantry which is used to pack more rigid cans, bottles, jars, cartons and similarly packaged products.

The flexibility of these top load case and tray packing machines to accommodate several rigid and flexible package styles can be seen in recent system integrations for clients packaging a range of products from personal care items and vitamin gummies to vegetables and snack foods.

Both robotic options were designed by the EndFlex in-house team of robotic specialists with product integrity and consistency in mind. These modular cells achieve their gentle product handling by either vacuum or mechanical means and can be customized for a wide variety of case or tray sizes and pack patterns.

“Our clients needed faster, more compact and precise modular cells to compete in their respective industries. They came to us with their wish lists and trusted us to find a solution. Our team of engineers and technicians got to work, and their efforts led to this new generation of robotic pick and place cells,” said Jorge Perez, Vice President of Operations at EndFlex. “The gantry and delta robotic cells we developed allow us to offer unique new solutions to some of the old packaging challenges.”

EndFlex can customize these modular pick & place cells to fit into any existing production line or be integrated as part of a complete packaging solution to include automatic case erecting, tray forming, sealing and robotic palletizing.

Learn more about our case packers and watch machine videos at https://www.endflex.com/top-load-case-and-tray-packer.

To inquire about a solution for your product, visit www.endflex.com/endflex-sales-inquiries.

Paxiom Group is the national sales, system integration and service provider for the state-of-the-art packaging machine technology manufactured by WeighPack, ValTara and EndFlex. From weighing, filling, bagging and wrapping to cartoning, tray forming, case packing and palletizing, Paxiom has delivered over 7,000 packaging solutions to over 30 countries. Customers can see these solutions in person by visiting an Xperience Center in Las Vegas, Miami, Milwaukee, Montreal, Toronto or Schio, Italy.

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