EnvyPak clear polypropylene envelope yields surprising \"Green\" strengths

16 May 2019

MARYSVILLE, Ohio, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Businesses who want to make eco-friendly strides to support the environment can make an impact simply by changing how they educate the public on the reuse of a simple, everyday product:  EnvyPak polypropylene envelopes.

"The issue is about more than the materials we use. It's about the responsible decisions we should make after the product's initial purpose has been fulfilled. What are the next steps?" said Michele Cole, President of EnvyPak.

EnvyPak is based in Marysville, Ohio, and manufactures crystal clear, fully constructed plastic envelopes and clear packaging products from 100% recyclable, 4.5 mil polypropylene. 

In the past, end users may not have given much thought to throwing away a single-use plastic item. Today, that's all changed.  "Forward-thinking manufacturers should always consider the purpose for reuse," Cole added.

"Now, more than ever, it's important to understand the role we have as individuals to reuse, reduce and recycle plastic products. Customers who use and receive our products face the same decisions."

EnvyPak products can be reused.

As a matter of fact, Cole wants you to know, "The 'Green' strength of our 100% polypropylene material is its capacity for re-use, given its archival properties."

Polypropylene is an extremely strong, durable, archival and common recyclable material.

  • It is so inert and protective that it is frequently used for archiving, or when product re-use is needed to decrease material consumption and save energy.
  • Designed with a reduction of materials and package re-use in mind, all EnvyPak products are 100% archival safe and store important material without damaging the contents.
  • EnvyPak materials have undergone independent laboratory (PAT) Photographic Activity Tests to confirm no harmful environmental reactions occur with their use.

EnvyPak envelopes and packaging products can be re-used as an ongoing storage for photos, papers and other collectibles that require archival-safe protection.

EnvyPak poly envelopes reduce packaging and direct mail volumes.

Reducing product packaging is environmentally responsible.

  • When businesses use EnvyPak for flexible packaging, they've chosen a right-sized package that can be reused. Large, unnecessary paper packages create extra waste and often aren't required for many products.
  • Companies that use EnvyPak envelopes for direct mail can also reduce their overall volume of mailings. A single EnvyPak mailing often earns higher results than multiple paper envelope mailings.

"Our customer results have shown that using EnvyPak poly mailers drive engagement and interaction in such a way that companies don't need multiple mailings to get a higher return on investment," said Jim Geers, EnvyPak Director of Sales.

EnvyPak Recycling Benefits

Polypropylene is 100% recyclable. Additionally, All EnvyPak materials are Proposition 65 approved for use.

About EnvyPak

EnvyPak, a division of Univenture, is based in Ohio, and manufactures the best-looking and best-performing polypropylene products in the marketplace.  EnvyPak has been used by prestigious brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Citibank, PNC Bank, Target and others.

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