EPac Flexible Packaging’s Chicago Operation Damaged by Fire

17 December 2021

Early this morning ePac Flexible Packaging sustained significant damage to its Chicago manufacturing plant. Thankfully, no one was injured and damage was largely contained to the press room which houses 3 HP Indigo 20000 digital presses, 2 of which  were damaged.

ePac operates in 14 locations with 40 presses throughout the United States, and routinely shifts orders from one plant to another to ensure the company’s 5-15 business day turnaround time commitment is met, so the short term recovery plan is really as simple as shifting Chicago’s orders to other ePac plants.

ePac Chicago is expected to be back up and fully functional soon, as the company's ongoing expansion means HP can easily divert presses that were destined for another ePac location to Chicago. HP has supported ePac’s rapid growth since the company’s beginning 5 years ago, and was immediately on-site to assess the damage and expedite recovery. 

Every ePac location uses the exact same suppliers for equipment and raw material procurement, and all immediately pitched in to minimize business interruption. ePac’s all digital platform, built in redundancy, and uniformity of suppliers provides the ultimate in disaster recovery.

According to Robert Schultz, General Manager of ePac Chicago: “We were fortunate that the damage was contained and everyone is safe. ePac’s customers have come to expect the quick turnaround time we’re able to provide, and having the network of plants we have to divert work to is really business as usual for us”.

About ePac Flexible Packaging:

Founded in 2016 with a mission to help small and medium sized companies grow and compete with larger brands, ePac has over 20 locations across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.  ePac is 100% digital and built on the latest in digital printing technology from Hewlett Packard, providing fast time to market and low minimum orders. ePac’s offers a full complement of sustainable film options, while its print technology platform is carbon-neutral and inherently eco-friendly. Further, the company offers true order to demand capability, helping brands reduce inventory and obsolescence.

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ePac Flexible Packaging

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ePac Chicago