Essentra Packaging invests in Digital Printing for Cartons with a Landa Nanographic Press

17 May 2022

Multinational packaging specialist to the healthcare, personal care and beauty industries, Essentra Packaging has announced its investment in a new Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press at its Bradford site, marking the first installation of the machine in the packaging industry in the UK.

Underpinning Essentra Packaging’s goal of pioneering new technologies for its customers, the Landa S10 press unlocks high quality folding carton production by combining the quality, speed and precision of offset printing with the versatility of digital printing.

Nanographic printing eliminates the need for plate production, with ink ejectors delivering ink at stunning resolution, easily comparable with offset and flexographic printing.

Andrew Hopkins, General Manager UK & Ireland, said: “At Essentra, we’ve never been afraid to break new ground and find innovative ways to add value for our customers. Our investment in the Landa S10 press at our Bradford production site is the latest example of how we’re building one of the most solid all-round offerings in the pharmaceutical, personal care and beauty packaging industries.

"Offset is the dominant print method for folding cartons and the quality of this technology speaks for itself. However, it has never had the same flexibility and versatility of digital printing. The Landa S10 offers the best of both worlds, the adaptability of digital with the performance of offset. We look forward to bringing Essentra customers that dream blend of speed and quality. Simply put us to the test!”

To generate offset quality print through digital technology, high-resolution ink ejectors deliver an astonishing resolution with high coverage, multiple grey levels and truly exceptional colour definition. Ensuring colour consistency, the Landa S10 press, being installed by the company in May, is equipped with technology for fast calibration and flawless print uniformity.

Mark King, Global Head of Technical, at Essentra Packaging added: “Something our customers come to learn about Essentra is that while we’re always looking to push technological boundaries, an area we will never make a compromise on is quality. When it’s so vital to our customers and their commercial performance, it’s absolutely essential to us as a packaging manufacturer. We have to be able to impress on every single print run without exception.

“With the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press, the technology automatically verifies registration, checks nozzle condition and detects print issues. Add in how the technology opens up amazing possibilities in variable printing, serialisation capabilities and all with a wide colour gamut, and we’re talking an enormous breakthrough in quality, service and print performance. We’re challenging our customers and the wider market to see the difference for themselves.”