Evergreen Packaging Unveils PlantCarton™ Brand to Promote Sustainable Packaging

10 December 2018

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Evergreen Packaging®, a global leader in plant-based packaging solutions, has launched the PlantCarton™ brand to represent its sustainable, plant-based carton products.   The PlantCarton™ brand is the culmination of Evergreen Packaging's longstanding commitment to sustainability with an emphasis on the importance of using renewable materials in packaging. For more information visit: PlantCarton.com.

"With multiple headlines and powerful images emerging weekly about the potential impact of plastic and other refuse on our planet, consumers are taking note," said DeWitt Clark, Vice President of Sales North American Packaging for Evergreen Packaging. "We find it interesting that so many companies and organizations are doing extensive research and product development on environmentally friendly packaging, yet overlook an immediate solution that can reduce plastic use by up to 80%. This is because PlantCarton™ packages represent the original plant-based package derived from a renewable resource – over 75% paper that comes from trees where overall rate of forest growth exceeds use."

Clark points out that a key component of selecting packaging is understanding the composition and sourcing of materials.  Evergreen's PlantCarton™ package gives brands and consumers a couple of distinct advantages. Since over 75% of any PlantCarton package comes from a renewable resource, trees where responsible forestry practices are used, the source material can be replenished. Additionally, Evergreen Packaging holds three independent forestry certifications, which help ensure that the soils, water quality, wildlife, threatened and endangered species, special areas, social rights and biodiversity are all protected for the long-term – not only providing fiber for today but sustainable forests for future generations.

More consumers are demanding product and packaging authenticity from the brands they buy, and the retailers from which they buy them.  The PlantCarton™ package offers a sustainable, responsibly-sourced competitive edge for environmentally-conscious businesses.

About Evergreen Packaging®

Evergreen Packaging is a global leader in creating fiber-based packaging solutions customized to deliver product freshness and brand distinction. Evergreen Packaging makes and supplies paper and paperboard products globally and is the number one supplier of liquid packaging board in the world. The fiber used in Evergreen Packaging products comes from forests in the US where responsible forestry practices are used.  PlantCarton™ packages 52-64 oz use up to 80% less plastic by weight compared to comparable plastic packages. 


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