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27 March 2019

Business Wire India

Launch of Short News App 'Shortpedia' in Ad-tech New Delhi
Launch of Short News App 'Shortpedia' in Ad-tech New Delhi

Shortpedia short news app is the latest entrant in the market where Inshorts is already present. With exclusive features, such as audio news on the go, trending video aggregation and AI powered interface for parsing and summarising the news fast, Shortpedia is here to take on the short news industry.
The company launched its Short News App 'Shortpedia' in Ad-tech New Delhi, India’s marketing and media event, where marketing, technology and media communities come together to share trends, insights and disruptive technology that’s shaping the digital economy.
Innovative features of Shortpedia App include:
Competitor comparison
Shortpedia provides an engaging summary of news in 70 words, an internationally acclaimed word limit. It provides news in audio format and also aggregates trending videos from social media. The OS platform of the app is also available for desktop, other than Android and iOS. Moreover, the app keeps the readers engaged with daily quotes and weather and pollution information. 
Audio news on the go
For the users, who want to access the news while on the go and are not able to read it, can use the audio feature of the app to listen to the news. This feature of the app is already popular with the beta users of Shortpedia.
Video aggregation
With India’s growing appetite for videos and consumption getting high across different social media channels, Shortpedia aggregates the popular and trending videos for the viewers. Shortpedia is the right platform for all your video filtering requirements where the app filters out the best videos from various platforms, such as Youtube, Facebook, etc. in various categories. The app enhances the video experience by helping you pick the video that you want to watch.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enhance experience
In the starting days of product development, the makers of Shortpedia realised that technology can play an important role for the better experience of the short news app. From the previous model where the editorial team used to summarize the short news manually, Shortpedia, since the last 8 months, is working on AI-based news summarisation model.
To take news summarisation to the next level through AI and ML, Shortpedia has hired a few experts from Bangalore and Nepal. After getting the automated summary, the team does manual check in beta. Through this model, the team aspires to increase the daily news count for the readers.About Shortpedia
Shortpedia is available for Android and iOS mobile devices which provides latest news in 70 words in both the languages, Hindi and English. The beta version of the App was launched on April 1, 2017, by three founders Vineeta Jain, Gurjeet Singh and Amerjeet Singh.
Shortpedia sees huge potential in the short news category and aspires to take the market head-on with their out-of-the-world fast-paced news summarisation platform.
Shortpedia has already created the platform to expand operations outside India to countries, such as US, UK, Australia and Canada and in the future plans to provide services in vernacular languages.
Investors Thoughts (Funding: 1 Million USD)
In today’s world, the way people are consuming the daily news is totally changed in comparison to traditional ways. More than 50% people are consuming news via social media itself (Twitter or Facebook). People want to explore more without wasting much time on a particular story or want to spend more time on that news which interest them. We believe that short form content is the future whether it is news or videos. We need to find more touch points where we can engage user to provide seamless experience in short span of time.
How to access Shortpedia
Website: https://www.shortpedia.com/
Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shortpedianews
Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/shortpedia/id1321995670
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shortpedia/
Video Commercial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK2DvN13cas