Flow Beverage Corp. Signs 45 Million Unit Co-Pack Agreement with Joyburst

19 October 2023

Flow Beverage Corp., today announced that it has entered into a three (3) year manufacturing agreement with Joyburst Beverages Inc. (“Joyburst”) having guaranteed annual production of 15 million Joyburst Hydration branded beverage units, which will be produced in Flow’s Aurora, Ontario production facility.

Launched in 2022, Joyburst is a better for you beverage company offering premium hydration energy drinks globally. Their Joyburst Hydration is made for consumers who are looking to replenish their vitamins and electrolytes. Joyburst Hydration products are offered in Tetra Paks® and are available in three unique flavors, complimenting Joyburst’s seven flavours of energy drinks that are produced without sugars and natural caffeine sources.

“Joyburst is developing a very unique offering in the enhanced hydration market and we are delighted they have chosen to work with Flow to get Joyburst Hydration Tetra Paks® in the hands of consumers across North America. Our Aurora production facility is ideally suited to help Joyburst reach its production goals and has the expansion potential to grow alongside our partners. This manufacturing agreement also helps Flow unlock value in relation to our Aurora production facility which, as previously disclosed, is currently in the process of being divested,” said Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Executive Officer of Flow.

“With the successful launch of Joyburst energy drinks, we are now looking to bring our value proposition to the hydration category. This commitment with Flow is a reflection of how well our retail partners have embraced Joyburst Hydration, which has been particularly strong in the female hydration segment of the market. Produced in a 100% recyclable Tetra Pak® has also demonstrated to be a wining proposition with our consumers who are looking to avoid plastic packaging,” added Brad Woodgate, Founder and CEO of No Sugar Company, Wellnx Life Sciences and Joyburst.

About Joyburst

Joyburst launched in 2022 as a refreshing and better-for-you beverage company. Their line up consists of a naturally caffeinated energy drinks, energy stick packs and a premium hydration beverage. The company is best known for its out-of-the-box marketing initiatives including the 2022 Super Bowl LVI commercial, music videos, collaborations with celebrities such as Vanilla Ice and many viral hits. On May 2nd, 2023, Joyburst was acknowledged with its first nationally awarded Natural Joy Day as recognized by the National Day Archives.

For More Information: https://joyburst.com/collections/joyburst-hydration.

About Flow

Flow is one of the fastest-growing premium water companies in North America. Founded in 2014, Flow’s mission since day one has been to reduce environmental impacts by providing sustainably sourced naturally alkaline spring water in a recyclable and up to 75% renewable, plant-based pack. Today, the brand is B-Corp Certified with a best-in-class score of 126.5, offering a diversified line of health and wellness-oriented beverage products: original naturally alkaline spring water, award-winning organic flavours, collagen-infused and vitamin-infused flavours in sizes ranging from 330-ml to 1-litre. All products contain naturally occurring electrolytes and essential minerals and support Flow’s overarching purpose to “bring wellness to the world through the positive power of water.” Flow beverage products are available online at flowhydration.com and are sold at over 59,000 stores across North America.

For more information on Flow, please visit Flow’s investor relations site at: investors.flowhydration.com.

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