Follow the Intelligent Market Trends - RFID Premium Exhibitors in Printing South China and Sino-Label

5 February 2021

Smart packaging is becoming an extension of product functions and a carrier of various innovative technologies such as integrated printed electronics, RFID, and flexible displays. It is widely adopted now on smart packaging in almost every industry, including electronics, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and daily necessities. RFID technology is viewed as a useful tool for tracking pallets and cases in the supply chain. IDTechEX Research estimates the market for RFID products will grow to $13 billion in 2022, up from $11.6 billion in 2018. The 27th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2021) and The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2021 (Sino-Label 2021) will be held on 4-6 March 2021 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. Sino-Label follows the intelligent trend and brings the RFID zone to industry experts displaying the latest technologies of RFID exhibitors and helping the advancement and transformation of intelligent packaging techniques.

Premium Exhibitors Display The Latest RFID Technologies
Printing South China 2021 and Sino-Label 2021 lead the industry development and focus on digitalization, green label as well as RFID development. The RFID zone gathers the well-known digital elites helping the enterprises find a suitable solution under the digital printing trend.

Exhibits Preview (in no particular order) :
CL-822-RX RFID Label Automatic Lamination Machine
Guangzhou Chili Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

CL-822-RX RFID Label Automatic Lamination Machine consists of RFID inlay laminating and RFID surface tag composite including pre-die-cutting label and continuous label compound. Its automatic lamination speed can reach 60m/min. Assort with dry inlay special die-cutting module and hot melt glue mechanism, this machine laminates dry and wet inlay label applicable for RFID tags, tags, washcloth tags, and tickets.

ADA (Guangdong) Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

This machine is equipped with 4 independent inlays with the imported control system, ensuring accuracy during the speed changing process. It has an excellent, precise, and well-positioning gluing system. The die-cutting method of inlay performs higher precision and higher speed under 15mm narrow inlay.

Shenzhen Chankey Intelligent Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd.

CQ-350A4 is multi-layer alignment compounding and die-cutting machinery for electronic labels. It can produce dry and wet inlay and the compounding of inlay and printing paper under different lengths. It can be compounded with lining materials that avoid the hole position of the chip. The equipment can complete bare label compounding, round knife die-cutting, flat knife die-cutting, waste rewinding, and rewinding packaging, and can achieve the simultaneous production of multi-rows of labels, suitable for making multi-layer RFID labels such as RFID clothing tags, airport luggage tags, anti-counterfeiting, and fragile stickers. The fastest speed of the equipment is 60 m/min, and the stable production speed is ≥35 m/min. When the speed is 30m/min, the product yield rate is over 99.8%.

RFID Converting System
Shenzhen Xinjinglu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

The machine is equipped with different dry inlay composite functions, four layers of lamination and a feed mechanism transferring all types of wet inlay. It has the test module for the functional test including UHF and HF online testing function. Variable input of inlay and label materials can be applied, producing different RFID tags, tickets, aviation luggage tags, and RFID washing watermark tags. In addition, this machine is equipped with three layers of glue (base paper, surface paper, filling layer glue) and two-seater die cutting, which can complete the front die-cutting and the reverse die-cutting at the same time.

Shanghai Liandian Information Technology Co., Ltd.

This machine has a high-speed reading and writing of RFID cards and labels, unified control of conveying equipment, reading and writing systems, printing systems, quality inspection systems, rejection, stacking and receiving systems, automatic supplementation and automatic generates print templates and task according to production batches to achieve continuous production. It reduces manual operations achieving multifunctional all-in-one machines, improving single-machine automated production efficiency and greatly reducing the labor and production equipment investment of enterprises.

The Most Excited Concurrent Events In Print-to-pack Expo
Printing South China 2021 and Sino-Label 2021 provide a one-stop packaging printing information and sourcing platform to the industry. The concurrent events are also exciting. Tech D.N.A. will focus on hot topics such as 5G printing, green packaging, smart packaging, digitalization and innovative materials. Also, The 31th Hong Kong Print Awards and HP Flash Coffee Shop will be displayed in the venue, sharing the latest technology to the industry.

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