Fressko\'s Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Part of the Fight Against Marine Plastic Pollution

23 June 2019

BOCA RATON, Fla., June 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Marine plastic waste is overwhelming the oceans' delicate eco-system.

More than 14 trillion tons of plastic waste has polluted the planet since 1950, especially the world's oceans. Eight hundred thousand tons of plastic waste ends up in the sea annually. To compound the marine waste problem, most of it is single-use plastic.

Although most marine plastic comes from Asia, United States plastic manufacturers are aware of the problem. The Plastic Industry Association wants Congress to pass the RECOVER Act, which would give federal grants to help develop advanced plastic recycling facilities.

Fressko, which manufactures premium glass- and bamboo-encased stainless steel flasks, is a part of the long-term solution because one reusable water bottle could save 1,460 plastic bottles a year.

"Marine waste is causing horrific damage to our oceans, and it is polluting our marine food chain," said Hayley Culley, marketing director for Fressko, which is based in Melbourne, Australia. "It is impossible to go a day without reading a news article or watching a video about whales dying with dozens of pounds of plastic in its stomach."

"We, at Fressko, are trying to make a difference with our stylish, yet reusable eco-friendly flasks, which are made from bamboo, stainless steel or glass," Culley said.  

Fressko flasks are stylish, durable, functional, and leakproof. They can keep beverages cold for up to 12 hours or hot for up to six hours. The containers are 100 percent BPA-free. Fressko also uses a third-party quality assurance company to make sure the company's quality standards are met during production.

Fressko offers three product lines:

  • Original Series, which includes three glass and two bamboo flasks.
  • Color Collection, which is a series of infuser flasks in a variety of colors: lagoon, floss, coal, denim, snow and clay.
  • Camino, which is a 12-ounce reusable coffee cup featuring a color-coated, scratch-resistant exterior and a stainless steel interior designed for long-term durability. The cup can be placed under the spout of a coffee machine and includes internal barista markings.

Culley said individuals could make a difference by making simple changes in their lives, such as bringing a Fressko flask to a fast-food restaurant to use for soda instead of a plastic cup with a plastic lid.

"You can also bring shopping bags to the grocery store. Retailers are getting eco supportive. Some are adding a small surcharge for the plastic bags you use.  Bring your own and you save a little money," she said.

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