Gigaphoton Sells KrF Excimer Laser to National Research Institute in Taiwan

17 February 2022

Gigaphoton Inc.  a leading manufacturer of light sources used in semiconductor lithography, has announced that its KrF excimer laser ‘G300K’ for processing applications has been chosen for use in a project led by the National Applied Research Laboratories in Taiwan and sold to National Cheng Kung University on December 27.

National Cheng Kung University, an institution that is part of the National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabos) organization in Taiwan, conducts research on integrated circuit packaging technologies using excimer lasers as part of a project led by the Taiwanese government. Gigaphoton’s KrF laser ‘G300K’, which was developed under the concept of ‘optimizing processing’ for the likes of micro ablation, was adopted as it was judged to be the best possible excimer laser for carrying out the research.

Katsumi Uranaka, President & CEO of Gigaphoton said, “The G300K of our GIGANEX series, which is being deployed in fields other than semiconductor lithography, was developed based on lithography light source technology cultivated by Gigaphoton over many years, achieving a 99% or more high-level of availability and high output. I am certain that the G300K will contribute to the success of this project. I have high hopes that the GIGANEX series, which is capable of providing solutions to a wide range of customers, will continue to be used for new applications and contribute to the development of the next generation of the industry sector.”

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As a leading company in the development and manufacture of DUV light sources used in semiconductor lithography, Gigaphoton has provided many solutions that make full use of its advanced technology to semiconductor manufacturers around the world since its establishment. Gigaphoton is also working on developing DUV light sources for areas other than EUV light sources and lithography. In every stage from R&D to manufacture, sales, and maintenance services, as a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Gigaphoton will continue to provide world-class support delivered from the perspective of everyday users.
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