Grap The Sustainable Development Opportunities Pre-registration In Printing South China and Sino-Label 2021

5 February 2021

With the rapid development of e-commerce and digital printing technology, there is accelerated growth in the corrugated packaging market. The Smithers new report - The Future of Corrugated Packaging to 2023 - offers a complete analysis of how this market is increasing, growing around 3.7% annually to reach $300 billion in 2023. Four trends that will influence the corrugated packaging market, including e-commerce growth, compatible packaging materials, sustainability, and corrugated + digital printing.

The 27th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2021) and The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2021 (Sino-Label 2021) will be held on 4-6 March 2021 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou. The Corrugated Packaging zone gathers the industrial giants displaying the current advanced corrugated production technology and equipment, paving the way for a one-stop sourcing platform for the industry chain.

Feature Advanced Corrugated Technology, Grap The Market Opportunity
For the corrugated packaging market under the upsurge of express delivery and e-commerce, Printing South China 2021 and Sino-Label 2021 introduce advanced products and technology in corrugated industry and join hands with premium exhibitors, helping the companies seize market opportunities.

Exhibits Preview (in no particular order) :

Guangdong Shanhe Industrial Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5510)

HBF-145/170 is a brand-new model focusing on the color box packaging processes to achieve the corrugated laminating process at one time. This machine is based on the concepts of intelligence, digitalization, automation, high energy saving, and environmental protection to settle the flute laminating process of corrugated packaging and printing factories, promoting the improvement of the printing industry industrial chain.

Automatic Die-cutting Machine With Stripping
Zhejiang Dayuan Machinery Co., Ltd.  (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5520)

This machine has a unique mechanism to drive the high-precision die-cutting table with short die-cut length and large angle adjustment. Its accurate, stable, and reliable feeder system can fulfill the needs of the industry.

High Performance Fully Automatic Die-cutting Machine With Stripping Device (SH-1060SE)
Dongtai Shiheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5610)

This machine is suitable for die-cutting, concave-convex and embossing processes of most materials printed products of printing and packaging enterprises. It reduces the labor cost as well as labor intensity of box breakers, improves the cleanliness of production area, and increases customer acceptance of printing orders. It can also ensure a stable printing quantity.

Yutian Chengyuan Printing & Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 2.1 Hall 2501)

This machine is specialized for the high-end corrugated color box using high-strength paper grippers. The advanced opening gripper mechanism can adapt to various types of cardboard, card, and corrugated paper; the side positioning mechanisms ensure the accuracy of paper die-cutting with a high-precision intermittent mechanism and pneumatic locking version.

QLFM-1100 Automatic Vertical High-Speed Laminating Machine With Chain Knife
Ruian Aote Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5625)

This machine is designed for water-based glue. Oil-based glue and pre-coated film can also be used. It applies a large heating roller equipped with an Electromagnetic Heating Device, at the same time supported with Hot Air Cycle System, providing a stable and accurate temperature during production. It is equipped with a chain knife and disc knife suitable for PET/PVC/thin foil and most of the films. Automatic Stacker can collect the sheets automatically and continuously.

Foshan Yuezhe Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5701)

This machine has high speed with stable operation and simple manipulation for remote control and box type conversion.

1300C-III Slitting Machine
Ruihai Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5620A)

This machine uses a PLC touch screen with different automatic systems to maintain a balanced operation during acceleration such as laser paper core positioning technology and an automated correction system. It is equipped with two cutting methods, razor slitting and knife slot slitting. It is also equipped with a main contact roller, slip shaft, or air-swelling shaft to reel 3 or 6 inches, feeding platform to facilitate reeling and unloading.

XKY-888-1200 Intelligent Carton Compression Strength Tester
Dongguan Xinke Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. (Booth no.: 5.1 Hall 5920)

This machine is mainly used for the compressive strength test of various corrugated box sizes or the whole box compressive strength of packaging containers made of other materials. It is used to determine the compressive bearing capacity of cartons and can be used for the pressure-holding stacking test. The test results can be used as an essential reference for the height of the finished product packaging boxes of factories and enterprises or an important basis for designing packaging boxes.

Pre-registration Is Now Open For All The Industry Experts
Printing South China 2021 and Sino-Label 2021 will be held concurrently with Sino-Pack2021 cum PACKINNO2021 on 4-6 March 2021 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, covering printing, labeling, packaging, and packaging materials and providing a one-stop sourcing platform in the industry. In 2021, there are 13 halls with a 130,000 sq.m. exhibition area and more than 1,600 expected exhibitors.

The visitor pre-registration of Printing South China 2021 and Sino-Label 2021 is opened. Markdown on your schedule, we are looking forward to celebrating the annual event with you!

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