Hemp Fire Log Company Launches - Name a Hemp Tree After a Loved One Campaign on Kickstarter

5 June 2020

IRVINE, Calif., June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. Compassion Care, the company behind The Hemp Log has introduced a Kickstarter campaign different than any other. The Hemp Log line of fire logs, heating pellets, and bonfire products that typically used wood products has successfully formulated and tested the use of Hemp in their products as opposed to wood or wood byproduct.  Produced by recycling the Hemp waste materials that would otherwise be used for mulch or trashed, these products are beginning their journey into the marketplace via Kickstarter on June 9th, 2020. Unlike the traditional wood pellets and wood fire logs, the company does not use any chemicals to produce its products meaning you will have 100% natural products including 100% USA grown Hemp.

Launching the Kickstarter campaign founders, Bryan Montgomery and Eric Dena, wanted to offer a few outside the box rewards to people that helped them fund their project. Besides offering the innovative fire logs they also have a reward where you, "name a hemp plant after a loved one with a photo of the named plant included."

The two entrepreneurs have been working in the cannabis - hemp industry since 2010. Mr. Dena stated, "By participating in the campaign, backers will be playing a major role towards improving sustainability and bettering the planet. Pledges will help us put hemp products on the shelves of stores across the country."

Mr. Montgomery added, "In a time where things have been a little wearisome Eric and I figured we'd make our rewards for contributing fun!  Letting people personalize a hemp plant on our farm is one reward. Also, we'll be hosting an end of summer beach party in Newport Beach, California for all major donors. That night the company will be attempting to break a world record! There'll be a lot of Hemp Logs burning that night if you know what I mean!" 

About The Hemp Log

Made from 100% US grown Hemp which is known to be carbon-negative, The Hemp Log is the newest commercially recognized hemp product. With a 3-4 hour burn time and competitively priced the fire logs will be hitting stores by August 2020. The company is striving to come up with a solution to make hemp a truly 100% usable product in every form. The Hemp Log is our first step towards this purpose.

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