Hoeksche Chips' world-first packaging design can change the world. Of flavor.

26 April 2023

Today, an invention the world didn't know it needed has been unveiled. Premium Chips brand Hoeksche Chips, in partnership with Wunderman Thompson, has solved a problem that has haunted chip-eaters worldwide for decades. Humanity has been plagued by the problem of crumbs at the bottom of chip packets – impossible to get out without losing your human dignity or, worse, making a mess on your clothes or the couch.

But now there is a solution: 't Hoeksche Hoekje'. With a simple twist, the bottom left of Hoeksche's new Salt & Balsamic Vinegar chip packet can be removed, and the last, tastiest morsels can be directed straight to the hand or mouth. The unique Flavor Saver technology was devised with global advertising agency Wunderman Thompson and their offices in Atlanta and Amsterdam so that nothing, not a single crumb, of delicious chips would go to waste.

Hoeksche Chips 'Salt & Balsamic Vinegar' including 't Hoeksche Hoekje' is now available at all specialty stores in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.hoekschechips.nl. For more press info, visit https://wunderman-belgium.prezly.com/hoeksche-chips-world-first-packaging-design-can-change-the-world-a-world-of-flavor-scvn4f.