Hot Fill Packaging Demand for Sauces & Condiments to See Strongest Growth

9 August 2022

Sauces and condiments – the largest application for hot fill packaging – is expected to experience relatively healthy gains through 2026 as foodservice revenues continue to rise following a sharp, pandemic-related decline in 2020, finds a new Freedonia Group analysis.

Bag-in-box and cups will grow at an above average rate due to their strong performance properties and convenience. Gains will further be supported by the increasing popularity of specialty and ethnic sauces at the retail level.

Hot Fill Food Packaging Demand to Grow 1.2% Annually Through 2026

Demand for hot fill packaging for food is forecast to increase 1.2% annually to $2.6 billion in 2026, sustained by the ongoing popularity of hot fill packaging for sauces and condiments. However, hot fill packaging will grow at a slow rate and will continue to lose share to aseptic packaging, which affords multiple benefits over hot fill processing, the most important of which is shorter heating times that minimize the impact of thermal processing of flavor, texture, and nutrition.

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Hot Fill Food Packaging provides historical data (2011, 2016, and 2021) and forecasts for 2026 are presented for demand for hot fill food packaging by value in current dollars (including inflation) by product, food application, and material. Demand data by market is presented in current dollars. "


  • bottles
  • jars
  • pouches
  • cups and tubs
  • other packaging

Food applications:

  • sauces and condiments
  • juice
  • processed fruit and vegetables
  • other foods


  • plastic
  • glass
  • other materials

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