Karat by Lollicup™ Patents Their Strawless Sipper Lids

27 June 2019

CHINO, Calif., June 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Karat by Lollicup™ introduced their new Strawless™ Sipper Lids last year around August and has successfully filed their patent number US D838,590 S and US D838,591 S for these lids. These lids are one of the first of its kind, as it features dual drinking with or without a straw.

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Sipper lids, in general, have started to gain traction as major chain restaurants are shifting away from straws to reduce waste. Plastic straws cannot be recycled and often wind up in the ocean affecting and sometimes hurting marine life. This was the start of states and cities across the United States to start implementing straw bans, according to journalist Brenna Houck.

Sipper lids allow customers to enjoy their favorite cold beverage without a straw. Karat by Lollicup™ introduced their Strawless™ Sipper lids to give their customers the flexibility to ditch the straw and to stay on trend with their competitors and become more eco-friendly. Even though this lid is made from PET plastic, PET can be recycled cutting down on plastic waste.

The uniqueness of this mold is that it does feature a straw hole for customers who need to drink out of a straw and for paper and plastic cold cups. The lids will fit 12-22 oz. Paper cold cups, 12-24 oz. PET cups and 32 oz. Polypro and Cold Paper Cups offering their customers choices to suit their needs

Karat by Lollicup™ is very proud to announce the patent for their Strawless Sipper lid series manufactured here in the United States and will continue to innovate new product lines that their customers want and need.

About Karat by Lollicup™

Karat Packaging is a rapidly-growing manufacturer and distributor of environmentally-friendly, single-use disposable products primarily used in restaurants and foodservice settings. The company supplies a wide range of products for national restaurant chains, as well as smaller, regional chains. Karat's products include food packaging, containers, tableware, cups, lids, cutlery, and straws. The company also provides additional environmentally friendly options to sustainably-conscious customers. For more information please visit www.Karatpackaging.com or email marketing@karatpackaging.com

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