Leaf Burrito®, the Reusable Yard-Debris Bag, Saves Hours of Labor, Helps Prevent Injuries and Provides the Green Industry With a Zero-Waste Solution

21 November 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Have you heard of a Leaf Burrito® Reusable Yard Debris Bag? It is an innovative and eco-friendly reusable yard-debris bag – invented, designed and manufactured in the USA. Leaf Burrito makes collecting and transporting yard debris easier, quicker and safer and its unique design opens completely flat then zips up like a sack. It is helping the Green industry, Landscapers and homeowners save time and money, as well as replace short-lived tarps and single-use plastic and paper bags.

Gone are the days of lifting heavy tarps, burlap and brown paper bags, now there is a solution called Leaf Burrito. People working in landscaping, grounds management, horticulture, and all areas of the Green industry now have a revolutionary option to speed up their lawn and landscaping work.  It is easier, safer, more efficient and better for the environment as compared to methods being used currently.

Leaf Burrito® was designed to solve several problems at once:

  • Increases efficiencies by saving time and labor on every job
    Landscaper clients remark they are reducing minutes on each landscaping job by 50-75%, allowing more jobs to be completed per day. Their reasoning is that workers now only handle material once, versus doing a series of shuffling, blowing and spilling debris during transporting.  They say that a significant amount of time is wasted during the cleaning up process. Landscapers also note that it now requires fewer workers on a single job, or for unloading the debris, because of its ergonomic design. Multiple Leaf Burritos can be zipped together to create a long hedge clipping catch surface to protect the bedding material, or which can be used as a trailer cover for larger loads when driving.

  • Safety first and meeting OSHA goals
    Leaf Burrito helps prevent accidents and injuries across the Green industry. Leaf Burrito’s patented utility and design features durable mesh and thick YKK® Zippers, and its easy-grip handles make transporting the debris safer and more efficient than existing methods. Rather than manipulating a tarp or burlap, one 7’ Leaf Burrito with 10 ergonomic handles can collect up to 6+ large leaf bags of leaves, grass clippings, trimmings, weeds and even mulch.  The 5’ bag holds 4+ large leaf bags of debris.  The bags can be zipped up, dragged or transported on a utility cart, truck or trailer to the desired compost area. According to US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health division (OSHA), employers in the rapidly growing Green industry “should have a system in place where safety and health professionals work with design engineers in ’designing out hazards‘ throughout the design phase of their products.”  With a scarce labor force available, no company can afford to have a worker be on the bench with an injury.
  • A zero-waste solution: Leaf Burrito is durable, affordable and 100% reusable
    Leaf Burrito offers the Green industry a simplistic and sustainable new method for yard debris collection and protects the world’s landfills.  Currently, grounds crews, property owners, universities and gardeners are unnecessarily injecting millions of tons of single-use plastic bags and short-lived tarps.

Robert Daniels, owner of Cherry City Landscape, attests: “Leaf Burrito saves me a ton of time. I did an 8-hour job in 4 hours by using Leaf Burritos. Every landscaper should have these bags on their truck. It definitely helps my labor problems by making my crews more efficient.”

To pilot using Leaf Burritos for your grounds or horticulture crews, they recommend you start with both sizes of the bags and determine which size works best for your applications and employees. Leaf Burrito recommends that every truck or trailer carry a 6-pack to replace tarps, garbage cans and wheelbarrows.  Multiple burritos are also suggested because they can be zipped together to create a longer hedge-clippings drag or as a trailer cover for various trailer sizes.

Inventor Marc Mataya states, “If ground crews are looking for a more sustainable and efficient solution for doing landscaping, our Leaf Burrito bags are going to be a great investment and your employees are going to love using our product.  And, personalizing our bags with your logo makes your company stand above the rest.”

If you want to learn more about how Leaf Burrito can make your company, hotel or university safer, more efficient, and more profitable, while achieving your zero-waste goals you may contact them at sales@leafburrito.com.

Leaf Burrito® is a reusable yard-debris removal tool made in the USA of customized industrial-grade mesh and heavy-duty YKK® North America zippers. Our product eliminates bags and tarps and preserves landfills.  It has 10 strong handles for ergonomic loading and lifting onto trailers or trucks and comes in 5-foot and 7-foot sizes. For big cleanups or as a trailer cover, multiple Leaf Burritos can be zipped together. For various sized jobs and for linking them together, every landscaping trailer could be equipped with a 6-pack which stores compactly. Leaf Burrito’s goals are to reduce single-use plastics, make the arduous task of bagging leaves, weeds, grass, hedge and garden clippings a simple and eco-friendly experience.

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