Legion of Bloom Prioritizes Sustainability with Plastic-Free Packaging Solutions

9 June 2021

The Legion of Bloom (LEGION) — an eco-conscious Northern California cannabis company — is proud to announce it has adopted 100% plastic-free packaging for its award-winning vape lines.

The new packaging eliminates single-use plastic waste in the supply chain and raises the bar for sustainability within an ever-growing cannabis industry. The containers are made in the USA with wind energy and the packaging is FSC-certified, meaning that the materials were derived in a sustainable manner.

To learn more about LEGION's new plastic-free packaging and its other environmental initiatives, visit https://www.thelegionofbloom.com/.

"With our new vape packaging, we wanted to make sure that we were putting our best foot forward for the environment. Eliminating single-use plastic was our main goal, and by aligning ourselves with a packaging company that shared our same core values of putting sustainability first, we were able to exceed all expectations," said Troy Meadows, LEGION Co-Founder and CMO.

LEGION's plastic-free goals were brought to life with help from their partners at All Packaging Company, which was excited to create sustainable containers for Legion of Bloom's Monarch and California Sauce cartridge lines. Both companies share a commitment to eliminating single-use plastics from the cannabis supply chain, and All Packaging Company looks forward to future collaborations.

"Our experience as a packaging partner with LEGION has been wonderful. Their brand's ethos and mission to be an environmentally responsible company fits so well with All Packaging Company's legacy and our continued commitment to the use of sustainable and renewable materials in packaging that is free of plastics. We're proud to work with LEGION in their focus on sustainability," said Brad Nelson, Marketing Manager for All Packaging Company.

Legion of Bloom's award-winning vape products now come in plastic-free Leaf Locker packages, making them the obvious choice for eco-forward cannabis enthusiasts. All Packaging Company's innovative design is replete with a tamper seal and the boxes are also equipped with a child-resistant security mechanism. By adopting sustainable containers for its signature Monarch and California Sauce cartridge lines, LEGION is eliminating waste and reaffirming its commitment to a greener future for all Californians.

About the Legion of Bloom (LEGION)

Founded by five sustainable cultivators with more than fifty years of collective experience, Legion of Bloom is an eco-conscious California cannabis company that holds a deep reverence for the land. LEGION strives to use cannabis as a vehicle for change by giving back to environmental causes and adhering to sustainable practices from seed to shelf. LEGION offers top-tier flower, custom vape cartridges, CBD oil and other plant-based products for Californians seeking an elevated cannabis experience.


Source: prnewswire.com