Machines from the closure of a precision engineering workshop: Auction in Spain

30 January 2024

Precision plays a crucial role in a precision engineering workshop. Components are manufactured here with exceptional accuracy and using advanced technologies. This requires the use of sophisticated machines and highly specialized tools in order to meet high quality standards. In this context, the acquisition of high-quality used machines offers a cost-effective and practical alternative to buying new. Such used machines have the advantage that, despite their previous use, they are able to perform tasks with the same reliability and precision as new equipment. This is particularly important in the precision engineering industry, where the slightest deviation in the dimensions of a part can have serious consequences. It is therefore crucial that used equipment also fulfils the stringent requirements of this industry. The use of such machines allows workshops to utilize their resources efficiently while maintaining the quality standards required for the manufacture of precision mechanical components.

The online industrial auction house Surplex is now offering specialist companies in the metal industry the opportunity to expand their machine pool: the auction of used machines from a precision engineering workshop in Abadiño, Spain. Interested parties can bid for a total of 167 items until 6 February 2024. The top lots include a JOHNFORD TC-35-CS CNC lathe, a JOHNFORD SL-50-CS CNC lathe, some ECOCA SJ-20 CNC lathes, a BEHRINGER HBP303A automatic horizontal metal band saw and various other CNC lathes and machining centers. These machines offer the precision and efficiency required for precision engineering applications. The machines can be viewed by appointment.

Surplex not only impresses with its wide range of high-quality industrial goods, but also with its comprehensive service. From dismantling to transport and customs formalities, Surplex provides its customers with comprehensive support.

About Surplex

Surplex is one of Europe’s leading industrial auction houses and trades worldwide in used machines and factory equipment. The 18-language auction platform is visited around 50 million times every year. It sells more than 55,000 industrial products per year in over 800 online auctions. The company is based in Düsseldorf and has offices in 16 European countries. Over 220 employees from 20 different nations generate an annual turnover of more than 100 million euros.