Marketers Must Adopt Agility as Lifeline for Uncertain 2021

6 January 2021

STAMFORD, Conn., Jan. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new whitepaper issued today by MediaCrossing, demonstrates how agile businesses are better positioned for recovery heading into 2021. The whitepaper compares and analyzes the K-shaped recovery and how the agile businesses (top of the K) are best suited to either pivot or adapt to the new business and economic environment.

The whitepaper highlights how digitally mature companies should be looked to as a template for strategic marketing success. Brands with a strong culture of innovation, and a pre-existing flexible backbone such as Zoom, DocuSign, Roku, Netflix, TikTok, and PayPal experienced success in response to the recent disruption. Whereas, traditional retailers who were not agile became casualties of 2020.

“We wanted to give CEOs and CMOs a guide to planning for success as we enter into another year of uncertainty,” said Michael Kalman, CEO of MediaCrossing. “We anticipate that consumer behavior will continue to change as the vaccine rolls out internationally, so we want to give businesses actionable insights on how they can become agile and capitalize during an economic recovery.”

The New Era of Agility in Marketing details how to apply an agile framework traditionally used in tech development to marketing strategy planning to survive the economic downturn and better position brands for 2021. It is imperative for brands to increase the speed at which teams design, execute and evaluate marketing messaging, campaigns, and channels. Through an agile framework, brands will remain competitive through the increasing political, economic, societal, and technological shifts of the future.

The whitepaper analyzes the K-shape recovery model applied to modern businesses, whereas the agile-focused organizations are poised for success. Businesses that fail to adopt an agile methodology, will not survive. The whitepaper is broken into four sections for marketing teams to truly understand all the facets of an agile business by covering the following topics:

  • The K-Shape of Economic Recovery - Adaptation is necessary to avoid extinction, especially in an economy where there are clear winners and losers. The whitepaper discusses a K-shaped recovery, and how this model can be applied to businesses recovering at different rates within the modern economy.
  • Why Agile? - MediaCrossing’s whitepaper walks you through the best way to approach agility is to focus on the 4 P’s: People, Plan, Process, and Performance. This highlights the key benefits: Speed, Testing + Learning, Actionable Insights, Performance.
  • How to Adopt an Agile Marketing Strategy - An organization—or departmental—wide agile transformation needs to be comprehensive, goal-oriented and structured in such a way that it is conducive to scale. Successful organizations pivot to agile by following the formula: aspire, design, and pilot.
  • Transforming Your Organization: Agile Change Management - Change management can be a difficult process, particularly when dealing with overhauling existing systems and behaviors. The whitepaper outlines techniques senior leadership can transform themselves, their teams, and the greater organization to be conducive to a successful agile strategy.

To view MediaCrossing’s The New Era of Agility in Marketing whitepaper, click here. For more information, please visit MediaCrossing’s website.

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