Medical packaging manufacturer utilizes MediSheet® material to produce mounting cards that securely retain medical devices within sterile packaging

2 August 2023

Spartech, a leading manufacturer of engineered materials and custom packaging solutions, is pleased to announce the use of MediSheet to securely retain medical devices on mounting cards placed within sterile packaging ensuring safe device retention during shipment, storage and ultimately surgery.

This material solution delivered all the material characteristics the manufacturer required to handle die-cutting of intricate retention tabs that wouldn't crack or break. Spartech can also digitally imprint on MediSheet if requested.

According to Kendall Faulstich, Spartech Strategic Accounts Manager, "MediSheet is a specialty grade HDPE, co-poly polyethylene medical grade material that is an easier-to-use and more sustainable option to package surgical, dental, and other medical devices. Spartech's proprietary formulation and manufacturing process (QA specifications and procedures in place) minimizes embedded particulates for a "clean" mounting card and provides a sturdy, lighter weight choice for any medical packaging manufacturer."

Spartech also provided supply chain reliability by having MediSheet in stock and ready for manufacturing to avoid delivery delays. Once completed, the MediSheet material-based trays or mounting card products shipped flat for space savings and cost effectiveness. This polyethylene material provided the medical packaging manufacturer with a more environmentally friendly alternative compared to PVC when medical waste is incinerated for disposal. In addition, this option can replace lidded trays to reduce the amount of material used in the packaging.

Other medical product applications for MediSheet include everything from medical trays to safely securing tubes used during colonoscopy procedures. It's available in sheet and custom die cut cards.

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