Metsä Board helps to create appealing and sustainable Moomin golf ball gift pack

24 April 2020

An attractive gift item requires an equally impressive package. Together with its partner network Metsä Board’s packaging design team helped to create an appealing package for a luxury golf ball gift set featuring the universally loved Moomin characters - Metsä Board is a leading European producer of fresh fibre paperboards and part of Metsä Group.

Aki Kuivaniemi, Managing Director of the end client Golf Coat explained “We wanted the packaging to be both appealing and luxurious, and also as sustainable as possible. It is important that we take the environment into consideration in everything we do from the product to its packaging.”

“Our aim was to create a packaging that both protects its contents and also displays the products inside as well as possible. We also considered the unboxing experience and that it conveys the feeling of luxury,” said Ilkka Harju, Metsä Board’s Packaging Services Director EMEA and APAC.

The box material is an all-white N-flute corrugated board, produced from MetsäBoard Natural WKL Bright. It is lightweight but strong and recyclable. The package is composed of the same white kraftliner for all layers with gold foil on the lid, which gives an exclusive feel when touching the package. The Moomin characters are printed on the packaging sleeve which is made from MetsäBoard Natural FBB folding boxboard. The packaging was manufactured by Finnish Cadpack that also participated in the design process.

For further information, please contact:
Marjo Halonen, VP Communications, Metsä Board
Mobile: +358 (0)50 598 7046