Microtek Laboratories Introducing a Universal Conditioning, Year-Round, Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) Shipping Solution

4 October 2023

Temperature variation presents shipping problems for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other temperature-sensitive products. While this is most commonly associated with cold chain (2°C-8°C), it just as important to manage the temperature for controlled room temperature products (15°C-25°C). This type of temperature-controlled shipping can add extensive challenges including shipping costs, seasonal pack outs, and conditioning times. Today, Microtek Laboratories, Inc. (a CAVU Group company), is providing a solution.

The company's adaptek™ CRT365 validated shipper maintains safe temperature during transportation for all your CRT products – providing shipping confidence all year without the need for multiple SKUs or complicated conditioning requirements.

Adaptek CRT365 Benefits Include:

  • Universal conditioning
  • Single, year-round solution
  • Over 48 hours of CRT regulation
  • ISTA 7D and 7E summer and winter profile requirements
  • 5L/10L capacity

All year and during every season, adaptek CRT365 offers a single solution to protect your CRT products.

CAVU President, Timothy Riazzi comments:
"With the ability to control temperature for a variety of industries, Microtek is a leader of thermal management solutions. As manufacturers continue to introduce new products, it is imperative that logistics keeps pace to ensure their safe and affordable delivery. While continuing to advance our adaptek solutions, we are excited to be investing in the development of a total packaging solutions to further enhance temperature management and control."

Microtek Laboratories
Microtek Laboratories has expanded their offerings to validated shipping solutions that control temperature. Microtek is a CAVU Group company – a privately held, family of companies, driven to provide manufacturers, suppliers and distributors with the industry's most advanced and complete temperature monitoring and management solutions. 

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Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio (USA), CAVU Group is a leading provider of temperature monitoring and management solutions for industry's most critical applications. Our expertise and industry knowledge provide the strong foundation our customers rely on to ensure brand integrity throughout the product lifecycle.

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