“Packaging That Keeps Food Safe”: The Answer® Wins Special Food Safety Honor

24 January 2019

NEW YORK & SHANGHAI--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- In addition to winning the 2019 WorldStar Award sponsored by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), International Dispensing Corporation (IDC; IDND) and The Answer® tap have been accorded a further special recognition. WorldStar just announced the winners of its three Special Category Awards: “Marketing Award”, “Sustainability Award”, and “Packaging that Keeps Food Safe Award”.

IDC’s The Answer® has won the “Packaging that Keeps Food Safe Award”.

IDC is also one of three finalists for the President’s Award, though those results will not be announced until the WorldStar Awards Gala Ceremony on May 15, 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

In the 2019 WorldStar Award competition, there were over one-thousand original entries from 35 countries. Judging is conducted by leading industry experts and focuses on whether a product delivers superior performance in a market or category, or delivers a better quality of life for more people. The overriding idea is that packaging can be the answer to many social issues, from nutrition to food safety to world hunger.

“Keeping food safe is our mission, so to be recognized by the WorldStar judges is especially gratifying,” said IDC Chairman Greg Abbott.


Based in New York City, IDC (IDND; www.idcinnovation.com) is a packaging research and development company that creates and manufactures disruptive, impactful innovations for the beverage and liquid food industries. The company is best known for its international award-winning The Answer®, the world’s only aseptic tap which prevents micro-organisms from compromising product safety even through prolonged unrefrigerated use. The Answer® is used for both low and high-acid beverages, including dairy, dairy-based coffee, juice, tea, soy, and coconut water in large-format foodservice applications and is currently being deployed in the USA, China, Germany, Pakistan, and Mexico. The company’s BID™ (Bag-in-Dispenser™) system is believed to be the industry’s most economical and environmental means of delivering UHT beverages.


Established in Tokyo in 1968 by visionary leaders from the global packaging community, the original purposes of WPO were to encourage the development of packaging technology, science, access, and engineering; contribute to the development of international trade; and stimulate education and training in packaging. Within the scope of WorldStar, WPO has been recognizing advanced packaging design and technology, and is renowned as the preeminent international award in packaging. In order for an entry to participate in WorldStar, it must first win a competition organized in its country which is recognized by WPO.