PostcardMania Now Integrated with Zapier, Launches Trigger-Based Direct Mail to Users of 238 CRMs Nationwide

23 January 2020

CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PostcardMania, a $60 million marketing firm specializing in direct mail, recently launched a new Zapier integration that will provide business owners nationwide with the ability to add trigger-based direct mail to their marketing pipelines, now making it easier than ever to put PostcardMania's uniquely success-based designs in the actual hands of prospects in a timely fashion.

The integration is now available to users of over 238 CRMs and marketing platforms, including popular services such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Acuity Scheduling and more. The newly launch integration provides business owners the ability to immediately add responsive, trigger-based direct mail to marketing pipelines and funnels on an ongoing basis with zero investment, campaign upkeep or maintenance required.

Zapier's popular web-based service allows end users without any technical skills to connect unrelated web applications, like their chosen CRM and PostcardMania's API, and program these separate technological functions to act as single automations. After a one-time setup, business owners can create an automation machine that simplifies the task of building a comprehensive and responsive customer journey — one that can now include tangible touchpoints.

As just one example, consider your local gym. Say John Smith signs up on his local gym's website for a free one-day trial pass. A few days later, a postcard appears in his mailbox the reads, "John, here is your 1-day trial pass to your local gym. Thanks for signing up!"

Businesses like this local gym can now send personalized postcards for just $0.55 each to all new leads added to their CRM on a daily basis, whether generating 5 leads a day or 500. Previously, a direct mail touchpoint like this would have been virtually impossible for businesses generating smaller amounts of leads, especially on daily basis — unless they were writing and sending each postcard manually.

Historically, direct mail has been difficult to program responsively and automate on a continuously sliding scale due to finite costs and logistics. PostcardMania's Zapier integration puts this to an end and lets business owners send direct mail on demand in any quantity, bypassing a traditionally lengthy campaign process and setup.

Business owners can now design their responsive direct mail campaign from PostcardMania's do-it-yourself platform, a free accompaniment to any Zapier account. A one-time setup with Zapier walks the user through a step-by-step design process. Postcard designs can be uploaded by users or customized from an ever-expanding gallery featuring templates that are based on PostcardMania's custom design formula, wrought out over the years serving 90,034 small business owners and delivering 239,396 direct mail campaigns.

PostcardMania is the first to marry their unique brand of success-based marketing and long-standing history as a printer with trigger-based printing and mailing en mass. Currently, PostcardMania prints and mails all direct mail from their 69,800 square-foot printing facility in Clearwater, FL, where quality control is closely monitored. In 22 years in business, PostcardMania has printed and mailed more than 1.8 billion postcards for small business owners, and each week design between 300-400 unique mail pieces.

PostcardMania CEO and Founder Joy Gendusa commented, "We're quickly evolving PostcardMania into a tech-based company, but our roots are as a marketing company that helps small businesses grow. So we already have logistics in place that ensure tight quality control and expedited delivery. We've even had a United States Postal Service Detached Mail Unit on our premises since 2009 to help us get mail out faster for our clients."

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